Pre-Clinical Departments

Department of Anatomy

Sl NoNameDesignationQualifiaction
1Dr.Komala.BProf&HODMBBS., MS.,
2DR Swetha BAssociate ProfMBBS., MD.,
3Dr.Kiran T.VAssociate ProfMBBS., MD.,
4Dr.Lakshmikanth.B.MAssistant ProfMBBS., MD.,
5Dr.Rohini.K.RAssistant ProfMBBS., MD.,
6Dr.Ashok.K.RAssistant ProfMBBS., MD.,
7Dr. Ravi Kumar NimmalTutorMBBS.,
8Dr. Shweta RTutorMBBS.,
9Dr Sharanya SatishTutorMBBS.,
10Dr. Kiran A KathatavanarTutorMBBS.,

Department of Physiology

Sl NoNameDesignationQualifiaction
1Dr. Vedavathi. K.JProf&HODMBBS., MD.,
2Dr.Dayanand.GAssociate ProfMBBS., MD.,
3Dr.Kanavi Roopa ShekharappaAssociate ProfMBBS., MD.,
4Dr. Laxmi C.CAssistant ProfMBBS., MD.,
5Dr. Sonal Ramdas GaonkarAssistant ProfMBBS., MD.,
6Dr. Anjusha .I. B Assistant ProfMBBS., MD.,
7Dr. Alok Kumar M.KTutorMBBS.,
8Dr. Pramodh Kumar Raju STutorMBBS.,
9Dr. Mallikarjuna KTutorMBBS.,
10Dr. Harsha UTutorMBBS.,

Department of Bio-Chemistry

Sl NoNameDesignationQualifiaction
1Dr.KrishnamurthyProf&HODMBBS., MD.,
2Dr.Chetana ChetanAssociate ProfMBBS., MD.,
3Dr.Ganga.H.RAssistant ProfMBBS., MD.,
4Dr.Nagalakshmi.KAssistant ProfMBBS., MD.,
5Dr.Keshav MurthyTutorMBBS.,
6Dr.Meghana PTutorMBBS.,
8Dr. Harsha GanesuniTutorMBBS.,
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