Clinical Departments

Department of General Medicine

Sl NoNameDesignationQualifiaction
1Dr.Mohan.M.EPrincipal &ProfMBBS., MD.,
2Dr.Balachandra GProf and HODMBBS., MD.,
3Dr.Ravishankar M.SAssistant ProfMBBS., MD.,DNB
4Dr.Tejaswi C.NAssistant ProfMBBS., MD.,
5Dr Harshith K SSenior ResidentMBBS.,DNB
6Dr Shilpa AravalliSenior ResidentMBBS.,DNB
7Dr Thejaswini. ASenior ResidentMBBS.,DNB
8Dr. Siri Mangesh KamathSenior ResidentMBBS.,DNB
9Dr. Aparana SubramaniamJunior ResidentMBBS.,
10Dr.Nithin S ShagaleJunior ResidentMBBS.,
11Dr.Abhishek. H.LJunior ResidentMBBS.,
12Dr.Praveen BJunior ResidentMBBS.,
13Gagavva LokapporJunior ResidentMBBS.,
14Dr.RangaswamyJunior ResidentMBBS.,
15Dr.KusumaJunior ResidentMBBS.,

Department of Dermatology

Sl NoNameDesignationQualifiaction
1Dr.Abhishek B L Junior ResidentMBBS.,

Department of Psychiatry

Sl NoNameDesignationQualifiaction
1Dr. Suresh H.VAsst. ProfMBBS.,M.D
1Dr Mukesh KumarJunior ResidentMBBS.,

Department of TB-Chest

Sl NoNameDesignationQualifiaction
1Dr. Vishwanath A BelladAssistant ProfMBBS., DNB
2Dr Mithun SJunior ResidentMBBS.,

Department of Paediatrics

Sl NoNameDesignationQualifiaction
1Dr. Purnima SamayamAssociate ProfMBBS., MD.,DNB
2Dr.Krishna M.BSenior ResidentMBBS., MD.,
3Dr. Niveditha B.Mjunior ResidentMBBS.,
4Dr.Shilpa H.S junior ResidentMBBS.,
5Dr.Ajay Kumar S.Pjunior ResidentMBBS.,

Department of General Surgery

Sl NoNameDesignationQualifiaction
1Dr. Ramachandra MProf & SupMBBS., MS.,
2Dr. Sachidanada N Prof & HodMBBS., MS.,
3Dr.Prabhakar BAssistant ProfMBBS.,MS.,
4Dr.Praveen Kumar PAssistant ProfMBBS.,MS.,
5Dr. Rajesh B.MAssistant ProfMBBS.MS.,
6Dr.Someshekar B.ASenior ResidentMBBS, DNB
7Dr.Ganesh Shenoy KSenior ResidentMBBS.,MS.,
8Dr.Praveen BSenior ResidentMBBS.,DNB
9Dr.BhuvaneshJunior ResidentMBBS.,
10Dr.Chandan K.RJunior ResidentMBBS.,
11Dr.NeelappaJunior ResidentMBBS.,
12Dr.SindhuraJunior ResidentMBBS.,
13Dr. Naveed AbrarJunior ResidentMBBS.,
14Dr.Manjunath JannuJunior ResidentMBBS.,
15Dr.Keerthi.SJunior ResidentMBBS.,
16Dr.Vijaykumar Reddy DJunior ResidentMBBS.,

Department of Orthopaedics

Sl NoNameDesignationQualifiaction
1Dr.Raju K PAssociate ProfMBBS., MS.,
2Dr.Raghu.H.RSenior ResidentMBBS., Dortho.,
3Dr. Nikhil BharadwajSenior ResidentMBBS., Dortho.,
4Dr.Pelasur Rajiv junior ResidentMBBS.,
5Dr. Chethan Kumarjunior ResidentMBBS.,

Department of ENT

Sl NoNameDesignationQualifiaction
1Dr. Lakshmi AnanthAssociate ProfMBBS., DLO., DNB.,
2Dr. Divya UpadhySenior ResidentMBBS., DLO.,
3Dr.Vaishnavi VasanthSenior ResidentMBBS.,MS.,
4Dr Sushma T Vjunior ResidentMBBS.,

Department of Opthamology

Sl NoNameDesignationQualifiaction
1Dr. Manjula Y MAssociate ProfMBBS., DOMS., DNB.
2Dr. Srikanth Y NSenior ResidentMBBS., MS.,
3Dr. SumaSenior ResidentMBBS., MS.,
4Dr Chaitra N GowdaSenior ResidentMBBS., DOMS.,
5Dr.Harshitha.Njunior ResidentMBBS.,

Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Sl NoNameDesignationQualifiaction
1Dr.Shankare gowdaProf &HODMBBS., MD.,
2Dr. Manjula .A.PatilAssociate ProfMBBS., MD.,
3Dr. Rekha. NAssistant ProfMBBS., MS.,
4Dr.Aruna BSeniorr ResidentMBBS., MS.,
5Dr Roopa N.KSenior ResidentMBBS., MS.,
6Dr Suma B.RSenior ResidentMBBS., MS.,
7Dr Sareetha A VJunior ResidentMBBS.,
8Dr. Chaithra V H MJunior ResidentMBBS.,

Department of Anaesthesiology

Sl NoNameDesignationQualifiaction
1Dr.Venkatesh H KProf & HODMBBS., MD., DNB
2Dr. Anandita MukherjeeAssistant ProfMBBS., MD.,
3Dr. Jumana HajiAssistant ProfMBBS., MD.,
4Dr. Latha L RaoSenior ResidentMBBS.,MD.,
5Dr.RohiniSenior ResidentMBBS.,MD.,
6Dr. Pavithra R PatilSenior ResidentMBBS.,MD.,
7Dr.Shilpa H LSenior ResidentMBBS., DA., DNB

Department of Radio Diagnosis

Sl NoNameDesignationQualifiaction
1Dr.BasawarajAssociate ProfMBBS., MDRD.,
2Dr.Diwakar.NAssistant ProfMBBS., DMRD., DNB.
3Dr Mahima AnandSenior ResidentMBBS.,DMRD.,
4Dr.Manyam IndiraSenior ResidentMBBS.,DMRD.,

Department of Dentistry

Sl NoNameDesignationQualifiaction
1Dr.Gunjan Singh AswalAssistant ProfBDS., MDS.,
2Dr.Vilas V TergaonkarJunior ResidentBDS.,

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