Training Program on Development and Delivery of e- content / e-courses

Date & Time6th& 7thJuly 2024 Time: 10.a.m.-1p.m
VenueMeeting Hall, Lecture Hall-1, BGSGIMSCollege
Organized byDr.M.E.Mohan, Dean, BGSGIMS
Objective of the ProgramGet hands on experience on added feature in institution LMS Zlipplearning platform.Increase the efficiency delivering of lecture through continuous improvement and participative learning.Provide the more inputs for self-directed learning for students.
Outcome of the ProgramAll the faculty of the institution got the competency in delivery of e-content / e-courses through institutional LMS.Competency in using ICT tools.
Brief Report about the ProgramUnder the chairmanship of our beloved Dean/ Principal Dr. M.E.Mohan the college has arranged a training program on  development and delivery of e- content / e-courses using our institution LMS Zlipp  learning platform.The experts from the Zlippdeliver the added features of institutional LMS.All the teaching faculty got the competency in added feature / module of institutional LMS and ICT tools.

Glimpses of Training Program on Development and Delivery of E- Content / E-Courses