BCLS Training Workshop for Interns (2018-2019 Batch) at BGS GIMS

Hands on training workshop on basic life support was conducted to interns batch 2018-19 from 13th December to 15th December 2023 in Advance skill lab, BGS Global institute of Medical science  as per NMC requirement.

Total of 118 students attended the workshop. Attendance was taken in morning and afternoon.

13 trained faculty were involved in the workshop for training the interns.

The workshop started with a pretest to know the baseline knowledge about the course in participants, it was followed with theory briefing about Airway management and hand-on training about the use of various airway adjuncts such as oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal airways. Various oxygenation techniques like LMA, AMBU and Endotraceal intubation were demonstrated and each participant was trained hand-on in applying them on the airway mannequin in four different stations.

Participants were Heimlich maneuver for giving abdominal trust and various situations of adult choking and Pediatrics chocking were explained.

Neonatal resuscitation and effective CPR techniques along with AED application was briefed in theory class followed by hand-on training of each accept of NRP and CPR during post lunch session. 

The workshop was concluded with post test and feedback session

Certificates for the participant were distributed at the end of sessions.