Sl No.Date        Event
0118.08.2023- 20.08.2023Ganesh chaturthi celebrations
0215.08.2023Independence day, 2023
0321.07.20238th International Yoga day, 2022
0412.04.2023Convocation  Day 2023 for 4th batch of MBBS students and Decennary celebrations
0514.12.2022Freshers day 2022- 9th batch MBBS (UG) , 3rd Batch PG
0624.11.2022 -25.11.202214th BGS Founder’s Day & BGS UTSAV 2022 & Inauguration of  BGSGIMS Library & Information centre & Advanced Skills Lab
0714.11.2022Kannada Rajyotsava & Children’s day celebration
0820.10.2022- 21.10.2022Kreedotsava 2022
0919.10.2022Vaibhav 2022 – Finale
1014.08.2022- 19.10.2022Vaibhav Fest 2022
1115.08.2022Independence day, 2022
1221.07.20228th International Yoga day, 2022
1301.07.2022Doctors Day, 2022
145.04.2022Freshers day 2022- 8th batch MBBS(UG), 2nd Batch PG
1530.11.2021Sports day 2021


Sl No. DateEvent
114.12.2022Freshers day 2022- 9th batch MBBS (UG) , 3rd Batch PG
              224.11.2022 – 25.11.202214th BGS Founder’s Day & BGS UTSAV 2022 & Inauguration of  BGSGIMS Library & Information centre & Advanced Skills Lab  
314.11.2022Kannada Rajyotsava & Childrens day celebration
420.10.2022- 21.10.2022Kreedotsava 2022
5                    19.10.2022Vaibhav 2022 – Finale
6  14.08.2022- 19.10.2022Vaibhav Fest 2022
7  15.08.2022Independence day, 2022
821.07.20228th International Yoga day, 2022
901.07.2022Doctors Day, 2022
105.04.2022Freshers day 2022- 8th batch MBBS(UG), 2nd Batch PG
1130.11.2021Sports day 2021

Student Achievements & Awards


Doctor’s Day – 2023

Report by: Dr. Ashwini G. S., Dept. of Community Medicine, BGS GIMS

Doctor’s Day 2023 was observed at BGS GIMS on 1st July. Doctor’s Day – a day dedicated to recognize and honor the contributions of doctors and other frontline medical staff towards mankind. A doctor’s profession is not just a career but a divine calling to serve humanity. Dedicated, compassionate, unwavering in their commitment, doctors truly make this world a better place, which became more pronounced and evident ever since Covid-19 pandemic hit globally. Every year Doctor’s Day is celebrated to commemorate the birth and death anniversary of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, a visionary doctor, educator, freedom fighter, social worker and a politician. With this introductory note, the program began. Blessings of Poojya Gurus and almighty were sought, by rendering an invocation song by Ms. Manoghna and team. The event was attended by the entire team of doctors of BGS GIMS, at College Lecture Hall 1 between 11:30 pm -1pm. The master of ceremony for the event was Dr. Ashwini G.S., Asst. Prof., Dept. of Community Medicine, BGS GIMS.

Our Dean cum Principal, Dr.M E Mohan, addressed the gathering, wherein he highlighted the achievements and contributions of Dr. BC Roy towards medical profession and society. He concluded saying that Dr. BC Roy believed that youth of India would determine the future of India. The current and future generations should draw inspiration from such great soul and practice following principles of Ethics.

After this Dr. Lavanya S.H., Associate Professor, Dept. of Pharmacology, briefed on the advantage and disadvantages of National Exit Test (NEXT) for Undergraduate students.

The entire event was sponsored by Orra, Fine Jewellery Private Limited. Mr. Saif, representative from Orra, shared few words and expressed gratitude towards doctors on the eve of Doctor’s Day. Finally, the event was concluded by ceremonial caking cutting by Dean Sir, which was joined by the Heads of all the Departments. This was followed by snacks and high tea.