Academic Activities

LIST OF ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES – CMEs / Workshops/ Conferences/ Trainings/ Scientific Committee Meet conducted – under MEU

(Current year to previous years in chronological order – from 2014 till date)

Sl No.DateActivity conductedTopicTitleDepartment
1  28.09.2022  CMETotal Quality Assurance program in Clinical Laboratory and blood centreTotal Quality Assurance program in Clinical Laboratory and blood centreBiochemistry and Pathology
2  14.09.2022  CMEContinuing Medical Education on Anti Microbial ResistanceContinuing Medical Education on Anti Microbial Resistance  Microbiology and Pharmacology
3  8.09.2022  CMEIntegrated CME on Anaesthetic considerations for ophthalmic surgeriesIntegrated CME on Anaesthetic considerations for ophthalmic surgeries  Ophthalmology and Anaesthesiology
426.08.2022CMEIntegrated CME on Mammary GlandIntegrated CME on Mammary GlandPhysiology and Anatomy
504.08.2022CME, WorkshopFirst Aid to accident victims and CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation and Training and Workshop for Traffic Police/ City Police/Marshals Personal and Ambulance DriversFirst Aid to accident victims and CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitationand Training and Workshop for Traffic Police/ City Police/Marshals Personal and Ambulance DriversOrthopedics
603.08.2022CMEWorld Breastfeeding week 2022World Breastfeeding week 2022Pediatrics
729.07.2022CMEWorld ORS week 2022” for General public  World ORS week 2022” for General publicPediatrics
828.07.2022Quiz16th IAP Postgraduate Quiz 2022 College round BGS GIMS16th IAP Postgraduate Quiz 2022 College round BGS GIMSPediatrics
927.07.2022CMERecent Updates in Surgical Oncology and Robotic Surgery-A new revolutionRecent Updates in Surgical Oncology and Robotic Surgery-A new revolutionSurgery
1008.06.2022CME, EndotrainerWorkshopTotal Laparoscopic Hysterectomy – Basics and beyond  Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy – Basics and beyondOBG
1131.05.2022QuizCognitair QuizCognitair Quiz3rd yr MBBS Students
1225.05.2022Guest LectureMolecular Diagnostics in Infectious DiseasesMolecular Diagnostics in Infectious DiseasesMicrobiology
1319.05.2022CMEOverview of Good Clinical Practice and New Drugs and Clinical Trials Rules 2019  Overview of Good Clinical Practice and New Drugs and Clinical Trials Rules 2019Community Medicine, General Medicine, Clinical research lab
1411.5.2022 to 16.05.2022Value added courseScientific course on ophthalmoscopyScientific course on ophthalmoscopyOphthalmology.
1508.04.2022CMEComprehensive approach to Allergic RhinitisComprehensive approach to Allergic RhinitisENT
1607.02.2022             to 10.02.2022Training programRGUHS- Jeeva Raksha program on Comprehensive Emergency Care and Life Support (c-ECLS) for InternsComprehensive Emergency Care and Life Support (c-ECLS)BGSGIMS in coordination with RGUHS and Jeeva Raksha trust
1706.12.2021             to 09.12.2021Training programRGUHS- Jeeva Raksha program on Comprehensive Emergency Care and Life Support (c-ECLS) for InternsComprehensive Emergency Care and Life Support (c-ECLS)BGSGIMS in coordination with RGUHS and Jeeva Raksha trust
1827.09.2021             to 30.09.2021  Training programRGUHS- Jeeva Raksha program on Comprehensive Emergency Care and Life Support (c-ECLS) for InternsComprehensive Emergency Care and Life Support (c-ECLS)BGSGIMS in coordination with RGUHS and Jeeva Raksha trust
1922.09.2021QuizState level Rabies Quiz for Undergraduate students – College roundState level Rabies Quiz for Undergraduate studentsCommunity Medicine
2017.09.2021CMERecent advances in Acute StrokeRecent advances in Acute StrokeGeneral Medicine in coordination with Karnataka Stroke Foundation, Bangalore
2108.09.2021QuizState level NTEP quiz for Undergraduate students – college roundState level NTEP quiz for UndergraduatesCommunity Medicine
2231.08.2021   to 02.09.2021Workshop“Training The Trainers” – Revised Basic Course Workshop in Medical Education Technologies“Training The Trainers”MEU
2324.08.2021CMEGastroenterology and HepatologyGastroenterology and HepatologyGeneral Medicine
2428.07.2021QuizThe 15th IAP (Indian Academy of Pediatrics) postgraduate college round quizPostgraduate quizPaediatrics
2527.07.2021QuizThe 34th IAP (Indian Academy of Pediatrics) undergraduate college round quizUndergraduate quiz Paediatrics
2621.06.2021             to 24.06.2021Training programRGUHS- Jeeva Raksha program on Comprehensive Emergency Care and Life Support (c-ECLS) for InternsComprehensive Emergency Care and Life Support (c-ECLS)BGSGIMS in coordination with RGUHS and Jeeva Raksha trust
2715.03.2021QuizState level NTEP quiz for Postgraduate students – college roundState level NTEP quiz for Postgraduate studentsCommunity Medicine
2829.09.2020 & 30.09.2020WorkshopCurriculum Implementation Support Program 2Curriculum Implementation Support Program 2MEU
2914.08.2020Orientation ProgrammePost Graduate Inauguration Ceremony & Orientation ProgrammePost Graduate Orientation ProgrammeMEU
3014.02.2019CMEBody Donation & Organ Donation – A noble deed “Brain Death & Organ donation” “Body Donation – Anatomical aspects and it’s relevance in society” “Disease donor transplant programme, Role of Jeevasaarthakathe” “Cadaver Donor Management” “Human Organ Transplantation Act – 1994” Skit on “ Changing Attitudes in society towards body & organ donation”Body Donation & Organ Donation- A Noble DeedForensic Medicine & Toxicology and Anatomy
3116.10.2019CMERecent Updates in Acute Pancreatitis “Acute Pancreatitis – An Overview” “CT Severity Index – CTSI” “Step-Up Approach” “Pancreatitis Quiz”Recent updates in Acute PancreatitisSurgery
32August 2019Foundation CourseFoundation Course for I year students 2019-20 Batch MEU
3329.09.2019CMERecent Updates in Head and Neck Oncology “Introduction” “Current role of remote access thyroidectomy” “Surgical adjuncts in thyroid surgery” “Decision making in management of parotid tumours” “Management of locally advanced oral cancers” “Dealing with carotid artery in head and neck surgery” “Management of parapharyngeal tumours” “Recent advances of radiotherapy in head and neck cancers” “Role of nuclear medicine in head and neck oncology”Recent updates in head and neck OncologyENT-HNS    
3412.07.2019CME“Introduction to medication safety and Management of medications: NABH Standards” “High risk medication management – Case studies” “Clinical Audit to improve quality of healthcare” “Panel discussion : How to implement medication safety at BGS GIMS” “Group Exercises: Prescription Audit as per WHO standards”Clinical Audit and Medication Safety           Pharmacology
3524.06.2019 to 26.06.2019WorkshopCurriculum Implementation Support ProgramCurriculum Implementation Support ProgramMEU
3628.05.2019Workshop“Elements of Research Proposal” “How to frame a research question” “As a group discuss, prepare and present a research proposal” “Facing ethical challenges” “As a group discuss, prepare and present a research proposal” “Basic Do’ s and Don’t’ s in submitting a research proposal”Research MethodologyCentral Research Lab
3716.05.2019TrainingICH-GCP E6 R2 guidelines training BGS GIMS  Institutional Ethics Committee in Association with Cytespace Research Pvt Ltd.
3825.04.2019CME“Hyperpigmentary Disorders – Clinical Aspect” “Histopathology of Hyperpigmented Lesions of Skin” “Slide Seminar – Interesting cases” “Hypopigmentary Disorders – Clinical Aspect” “Pathology of Hypopigmented Lesions of the Skin”Cutaneous Pigmentary disordersPathology and Dermatology
3904.04.2019CME“Keratoplasty: Why & When”
“Eye Banking”
“Corneal Transplant : Surgical Challenges”
“Post Keratoplasty Management”
“Role Of Amniotic Membrane In Ophthalmogy”
“Session On Eye Pledging”
Eye donation & KeratoplastyOphthalmology
4022.03.2019CME“Need for Hospital Infection Control in a tertiary care hospital”
“Hand hygiene”
“Antibiotic Policy”
“HICC – An experience from Public sector hospitals”
“BMW – 2018 Guidelines”
“OT surveillance”
Hospital Infection Control  Microbiology
4115.03.2019CME“Acute Coronary Syndrome”
“Management Of Arrhythamia”
“Status Epilepticus”
“Acute Ischemic Stroke”
“Acute Renal Failure”
“Acute Severe Asthma”
“Acute Fulminant Hepatitis”
Update on Medical emergenciesGeneral Medicine and Anaesthesia
4207.03.2019CME“Basis Of Fever”
“Fever Without Localizing Signs”
“Fever With CNS Manifestation”
“Fever With Respiratory Symptoms”
“Fever Of Unknown Origin”
“Fever with Rash”
“Fever In Immunocompromised Child”
“Fever In Rheumatological Disease”
“Fever Management”
4313.02.2019CME“Infertility – Basics – Anatomy”
“Relevance Of Cytogenetics And Molecular Cytogenetics In An Infertile Couple”
“Evaluation Of Infertile Couple and Basics Of In Vitro Fertilization”
“Extremes of Ovarian Reserve in Infertility” “Twenty Important Concepts in Basics of Fetal Medicine”
“INFERTILITY -Evaluation & an Update in Genetics”OBG and Anatomy
4427.12.2018 to 29.12.2018WorkshopAdvanced cardiac life support IMA hosted by BGSGIMS
4528.12.2018 & 29.12.2018Conference93rd NATCON, the National Annual Conference of IMA and 84th MEDICON of IMA Karnataka State Branch IMA hosted by BGSGIMS
4612.11.2018CME“Respiration (Aerobic) & Fermentation (Anaerobic)”
“Present state of genetic research in cancer & its applicability to clinical scenario”
“Diet to treat cancer”
“Nutrition in Tuberculosis”
“Diabetes a risk factor for developing breast cancer”
“Panel Discussion”
Re- Thinking Nutrition in Cancer & TuberculosisBiochemistry
4712.10.2018CME“Overview of peripheral arterial diseases”
“Clinical evaluation of peripheral arterial disease”
“Management of peripheral arterial diseases including recent advances”
“Vascular Surgery Quiz”
Recent Advances on Peripheral Arterial DiseaseGeneral Surgery
4828.09.2018CME“Physiological Monitoring of Elite Athlete”
“Recent trends in Nutritional Medicine Eating Right -Why, What & How?”
“Shoulder Impingement Syndrome, Frozen Shoulder & Torticollis”
“Management of Proximal Humerus fracture”
“Basic Shoulder Arthoscopy Position and Portals”
“Arthroscopic management of Shoulder Injuries”
Review of Sports Physiology & Recent Management of Shoulder Injuries & DiseasesPhysiology and Orthopaedics
4911.06.2018 to 13.06.2018  WorkshopRevised Basic Course Workshop in Medical Education Technologies MEU
5014.06.2018Sensitization ProgrammeSensitization Programme for Attitude, Ethics and Communication (AETCOM) module MEU
5104.05.2018  CME“Introduction & Overview of the topic”
“Inner Ear Balance Organs”
“Core Laws in Vestibular Physiology”
“My approach to a patient with Vertigo”
“Migraine & Vertigo”
“Video Nystagmography (VNG) – Balance Eye Demonstration”
“ENT Made Easy with your own hands – Anatomy of Ear”
CME on balance and vertigoOto-Rhino – Laryngology (ENT)
5207.03.2018CME“Role of Medical Colleges in RNTCP”
“Technical and Operational Guidelines 2016 – an overview”
“TB case finding and Diagnostic Algorithm”
“Recent guidelines in treatment of TB- Daily Regimen Implementation”
“Follow-up examination schedule and ADR management”
“Revised Management schedule for treatment of Multi Drug resistant TB (PMDT 2017)”
“TB and HIV and other co-morbidities”
“Research areas in Tuberculosis”
Recent Updates in Tuberculosis ControlCommunity Medicine and General Medicine
5315.11.2017  CME“Anatomy & Embryology of Female genital tract”
“Clinical Features of Mullerian Anomalies”
“Clinical Case Scenarios of Mullerian Anomalies in BGS GIMS”
“Management of Mullerian Anomalies”
“Vaginal Reconstructive Surgeries”
MULLERIAN DUCT ANOMALIES -Embryological , Gynecological Aspects & Current Management-An Update”OBG & Anatomy
5408.11.2017CME“Surgical Anatomy and Etiopathogenesis of Varicose veins”
“Diagnostic Imaging in Venous Disorders”
“Clinical Symptomatology & Surgical Management of Varicose veins”
“Newer Modalities in Management of Venous Disorders & DVT”
“Stones and Lasers in Urology”
“Alternative Perspectives in UTI”
Recent advances in the management of Varicose veinsGeneral Surgery
5526.10.2017CME“Noncancerous lesions of breast – Boon or Bane?”
“Breast cancer pathology-a primer”
“Therapeutic Implications of Pathology in Breast cancer”
“Genomics in management of Breast Cancer – A paradigm Shift”
Current trends in Breast tumorsPathology
5611.10.2017CME“Anatomy and physiology of the hair”
“Aetiopathogenesis and Clinical patterns of Hair loss”
“Diagnostic tools to Evaluate Hair loss”
“Panel Discussion on Hair loss”
“Clinical quiz”
“Medical management of Hair loss”
“Surgical management of Hair loss”
Hair disordersDermatology
5725.07.2017CME“Mechanics of Respiration”
“Pulmonary Ventilation & Gas Exchange”
“Pulmonary Function Tests – Application to Bed Side Evaluation”
“Overview of the current guidelines in Basic Life Support”
“Basic Life Support Workshop – Session 1”
“Basic Life Support Workshop – Session 2”
Overview of Respiratory Physiology and Recent advances in BLS technique.  Anaesthesiology & Physiology
5823.06.2017CME“Types of research and scope.”
“Ethics and Research.”
“Statistics and research.”
“Clinical Research.”
Research and PG dissertationMEU
5901.06.2017CME“Pharmacovigilance system in India – An overview.”
“Basic terminologies in Pharmacovigilance/ADR reporting.”
“Reporting ADRs – An interactive session.”
“Casuality Assessment of ADRs.”
“Signal detection and risk managemnt.”
“Need for integrating national progams in Pharmacovigilance.”
“RNTCP and NACP integration PvPI – Challenges in ADR reporting and the way forward.”
“Industrial perspectives / Job opportunities in Pharmacovigilance.”
Pharmacovigilance Sensitization                  Pharmacology
6026.05.2017CME“Law and Ethics in delivery of Health Services: Concerns and Challenges.”
“Ethical and Leagl Issues in end of life situations.”
“Medical Ethics and Clinical Practice.”
“Collection and Preservation of samples in crime.”
Ethical and Legal Issues in Medical PracticeForensic Medicine  
6107.02.2017CME“Basics of HIV, Epidemiology and Clinical staging of HIV”
“HIV Counseling and Testing”
“Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission of HIV and Early Infant Diagnosis for HIV”
“Universal precautions – video presentation”
“HIV and Women”
“Relevance of PPP in reaching PPTCT Goal and Perspectives of Health Care Systems in India”
“Principles of Chronic Care”
“Opportunistic infections in HIV and HIV-TB Co-infection”
“Anti-Retroviral Therapy and Post Exposure Prophylaxis”
HIV Updates – Unlocking the world of stigma by updating the knowledge on HIVCommunity Medicine
6205.12.2016 to 7.12.2016WorkshopRevised Basic Course Workshop in Medical Education TechnologiesRevised Basic Course Workshop in Medical Education TechnologiesMEU
6210.08.2016CME“Physiology of Acute pain & Acute pain services” “Post operative pain Management” “Regional Anaesthesia in Acute pain” “Pain Management in specialized surgical scenarios” “Pathophysiology of Chronic pain” “Pharmacology in Chronic pain” “Chronic pain syndromes” “Assessment and intervention in Chronic pain” “How to establish pain clinic”PAIN MEDICINE-AN UPDATEAnaesthesiology
6313.04.2016CME“Current Trends in the management of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus” “Etiopathogenesis of diabetic retinopathy ” “Ocular manifestations of diabetes” “Risk factors for diabetic retinopathy and classification of diabetic retinopathy” “Medical management and lasers in diabetic retinopathy” “Surgical Management of Diabetic Retinopathy”An overview of ocular Manifestation of Diabetes & its management  Ophthalmology
6409.03.2016CME“Sleep-related Breathing Disorders: A Bird’ s Eye View” “Current Concepts in Evaluation and Surgical Planning for Obstructive Sleep Apnea” “Non-surgical Management of Obstructive Sleep Apnea” “Surgery for Obstructive Sleep Apnea: What, when and How?” “Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Children”Recent trends in obstructive sleep apnoeaOtolaryngology (ENT)
6526.02.2016Workshop“Cell Biology & Therapeutic and Historical perspective” “Stem Cell Banking” “Stem Cell in Clinical Practice” “Plenary Discussions” “Regulatory Perspectives” “Basic Research in Regenerative Medicine” “Current Status and Way ahead”Stem Cells & TherapyPharmacology
6605.02.2016CME“Expanding The Terrain – Addressing The Psychological Needs Of The Medically Ill” “Challenges In The Practice Of Perinatal Psychiatry In The 21st Century” “ICU Psychiatry –Is it an oxymoron?” “Practice of Psychosexual Medicine in General Hospital Setting” “The General Hospital Imperative for Child Psychiatry” “Legal aspects of management of Psychiatric Unit in General Hospital”Psychiarty in general hospital settings – scope and current trends  Psychiatry
6815.10.2015CME“Epidemiology, Clinical features & Management of Dengue” “Update on Dengue – Role of laboratory” “Laboratory Diagnosis of Viral Hepatitis” “Hospital infection control measures during viral fever outbreak” “HPV vaccines” “Diagnostic issues in HIV testing” “Interesting Case Reports”Update On VirologyMicrobiology
6930.09.2015CME“Newer Challenges in Leprosy” “History of Leprosy” “Leprosy – Where do we stand ?” “Histopathology of Leprosy” “Treatment Of Leprosy” “Diagnosis and Management of Reactions in Leprosy” “Clinical Diagnosis of Leprosy”Newer challenges in LeprosyDermatology
7007.08.2015CME“ Anemias revisited: Understanding the Pathodynamics in Clinical & Laboratory practice” “Laboratory approach to Anemias” “Fresh thoughts on Anemias” “Clinical approach to Anemias- Case studies” “Transfusion therapy” “Bone Marrow registry”Anemias revisited: Understanding the Pathodynamics in Clinical & Laboratory practicePathology
7127.05.2015CME“Autonomic Functions in Health & Diseases” “Childhood Stress & its Impact on Sleep in Adulthood” “Gross-Neuro Anatomy & its Applied Aspects” “Learning neuroscience through histology -an art or science” “Demonstration of Sections of Human Brain”Recent trends in Neuroanatomy and NeurophysiologyAnatomy and Physiology
7222.04.2015CME“Introduction to the theme of Inborn Errors of Metabolism” “Approach and Emergency Management of Inborn Errors of Metabolism” “Biochemical Changes inInborn Errors of Metabolism” “Screening of Inborn Errors of Metabolism” “Cutaneous Manifestations of Inborn Errors of Metabolism” “Lipoprotein (a) in Thyroid Disorders”Inborn Errors of MetabolismBiochemistry and Paediatrics
7325.03.2015CME“Update on RNTCP by Dr. Balaji Naik, State HQ, Medical Consultant, WHO – RNTCP, Bengaluru” “Questions / Discussions with Dr. Nadeem Ahmed, DTO, Bengaluru Urban District”Update on RNTCPCommunity Medicine
7428.01.2015CME“Raising a Reasearch Question” “Concept of Writing a Research Paper” “Study Designs” “Bio Statistics” “Language, Format and Referencing”Getting into Research                                  Community Medicine & Pharmacology
7526.11.2014 to 28.11.2014WorkshopBasic Course Workshop in Medical Education TechnologiesBasic Course Workshop in Medical Education TechnologiesMEU
7605.11.2014CME“Recent Trends in Management of Pelvic Fractures” “Current Approach to Distal Humerus Fracture” “Recent Trends and Management of Scaphoid & Radius Fracture” “Recent Treatment for Fat Embolism”Recent trends in the Management of TraumaOrthopaedics
7727.06.2014CME“Operational Research(OR): what, why & how and the importance of ethics in Operational Research” “The Principles and Structure of a Research Protocol” “Using Epidata to collect & organize data and perform data analysis” “Role of Mathematical Modeling” “Success stories of Operational Research”Operational Research In Public HealthCommunity Medicine
7806.05.2014CME“Medical Management of Congestive Cardiac Failure” “Review of Newer Guidelines and Management of Resistant Hypertension” “Antiplatelets in ACS and Coronary Interventions” “Pre-operative Cardiac EvaluationCME on CARDIOLOGYGeneral Medicine
7926.03.2014CME“Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia – An Update” “Evidence Based Transfusion Practices in Newborn” “Respiratory Distress in a Term Newborn” “Follow-up of NICU Graduates” “Foetal Surveillance”PERINATAL CMEPaediatrics
8011.02.2014CME“Pathophysiology and Diagnosis of Ovarian Tumours”. Basis for Intra Peritoneal Chemotherapy” “Surgical Management of Ovarian Tumours” “HIPEC-Video Presentation and Discussion”  GYNAE ONCOLOGYOBG