Training Program On Advanced Simulators for Teaching Faculty at Skill Lab on 29th and 30th  May 2024

Program Schedule

29.05.202411am to 1pmSurgery & Medicine Batch 1Lapmentor,Gl & USmentor
29.05.20242pm to 4pmSurgery & Medicine Batch 2Lapmentor,GI & USmentor
29.05.202411am to 1pmOBG-GYN & T Band ChestLapmentor,US Mentor,Pelvic & Endosuite (PLMO)
  29.05.20242pm to 4pmOBG-GYN & UrologyLapmentor,US Mentor,Pelvic & Endo suite(URO)
30.05.202411am to 1pmRadiodiagnosis Batch 1USmentor
30.05.20242pm to 4pmRadiodiagnosis Batch 2USmentor
30.05.202411am to 1pmAnaesthesiology & EMD Batch 1USmentor & ENDO Suite
30.05.20242pm to 4pmAnaesthesiology & EMD Batch 2USmentor & ENDO Suite