World Health Day Undergraduate Quiz 2024

On the occasion of World Health Day2024, Department of Community Medicine conductedQuiz competition for undergraduate studentsat BGS GIMS under the aegis of IAPSM, Indian Association of Preventive and Social Medicine. The theme for world health day 2024 was “MY HEALTH MY RIGHT”. The event was conducted with the Support of the Management BGS GIMS, Dr.M E Mohan, Dean Cum Principal, Dr. Jayashree S Seeri, Hod Dept. of Community Medicine.Dr. Nirmala C J Associate Professor, Dept of Community Medicine was the Nodal Faculty for the event with active involvement of Post graduate studentsDr. Zeen Lasvy Oliveria, Dr. Amrutha N and Dr. Sibi Chakravarthy. The Elimination round was conducted on 02/04/2023 from 10am to11am in the Dept. of Community Medicine. Fifteen teams with 45 studentsfrom 3rd and final year participated and 4 top scoring teams wereselected for finalround. Final round of quiz was conducted on 08/04/2024 from 10am till 12 pm in lecture hall, Dept. of Community Medicine. The event was inaugurated by faculty, Dept. of Community Medicine. Dr. Nirmala C J acted as the quiz masterand Miss Zeen Lasvy Oliveriaassisted the quiz master. Miss Amrutha N was scorer and Mr Sibi Chakravarthy, Mr. Hanumesh MSWassisted the quiz. Around 70 undergraduate students and 15 faculty attended the programme. There was very good participation from the participants and also from the audience for audience questions. There were four rounds, Rotation round, Visual round, MCQ round and Rapid-fire round. There was no tie between the teams.Winners of the quizwereMissAnagha C S, MissLahari K S, Miss Manojna H from Final year. Winners were congratulated, awarded with text books sponsored by Wolters Kluwer publishers and programme was concluded with vote of thanks.