Ongoing Research Activities – BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH

1. RGUHS Faculty Grant [2019 – 2021]

#Principal InvestigatorDepartmentTitle of the Study
1Dr. SanjanaDermatologyAn exploratory study to elicit the genetic factors underlying Resistant Dermatophytic infections and to assess the clinical efficacy of novel therapeutic strategies in its management.
2Mr. RonaldBiochemistryCorrelating sleep deprivation and Oxidative DNA damage to possible co-morbidities in medical students:    A Case – control study.

2. ICMR Short Term Studentship [2022]

Impact of social isolation on adolescents An investigation on self reported physical activity, mood states and social behavior of 10-15 year old school going children in south bangalore. Study Guide: Dr Crystal D’souza.

3. Independent studies

#Principal InvestigatorDepartmentTitle of the Study
1Dr. Crystal D’souzaPhysiologyExploring acute and sustained effect of Shavasana on tissue perfusion.
2Dr. Veena R.MPharmacologyTherapeutic Potential of Phytochemicals Isolated from Simarouba glauca in Inhibiting the TGF-β and Wnt/β-Catenin Pathways Leading to Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition in Oral Submucous Fibrosis.
3Dr. Crystal D’souzaPhysiologyPranayama breathing as an alternative to exogenous erythropoietin in chemotherapy patients with anemia.
4Dr. Suman SamaddarResearch InstituteUnderstanding homeostasis, regeneration, repair, and disease in human skin tissue and cells.

4. Studies applied to funding agencies

Effect of Yoga on skeletal muscle: molecular basis of Myofibrillar adaptation PI Dr Crystal D’souza.