Research Publications Department of Anatomy


   1.  Komala.B, Shobha K, Rohini S Kori. An Anatomical Study Of Calcaneal Spurs. Medica Innovatica International. 
Vol 12(108-110): Issue 1, Jan-Jun 2023.
2.  Shobha K , Shubha R. An Interesting Case of Variant Communication in the Neck Veins. Indian Journal of Applied Research.
Vol 13: Issue-04: April – 2023.


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YEAR – 2022 :  2 publications
  1. Rohini KR, Ashok KR, Komala B. Morphometric analysis of lumbar dorsal root ganglia: A cadaveric study. Natl J Clin Anat 2022
  2. Shivaprakash S, Ashok K R. Study of branching pattern of external carotid artery. Int J Anat Res 2022, Vol 10(2):8367-71.
YEAR – 2019 :  2 publications
  1. Ashok KR, Rohini KR, Kiran TV. Horseshoe kidney with bilateral duplex ureters. AcadAnat Int. 2019; 5(2): 52-4.
  2. Hema N, Swetha B. Morphology and Morphometric Study of Mastoid Process in Human Dry Skulls with its Clinical Implications. Indian J Anat. 2019; 8(1):35-40.
YEAR – 2018 : 4 publications
  1. Lakshmiprabha.S, Khizer hussain, Komala B, Archana.BJ. Duplication of Optic canal(a figure of 8 anomaly)- a case report with review of literature. Indian Journal of Clinical & Experimental Ophthalmology, July-September, 2018;4(3):426-429.
  2. Swetha B, Hema N. A study on morphometry of occipital condyles and suboccipital muscles in human dry skulls and its clinical significance. Indian journal of Anatomy 2018; 7(5):502-507.
  3. Shivaprakash S, Ashok KR. Study of mandibular ramus as predictor of sex. Int J Anat Res 2018; 6(4.2): 5869-5872.
  4. Rohini KR, Dakshayani KR. The morphometric study of intervertebral foramen of lumbosacral (L1-S1) region in human cadavers. Int J Anat Res. 2018;Vol 6(4.2):5878-82.
YEAR – 2017 : 3 publications
  1. Rohini S Kori, S.D Desai et al. Effect of Anti-Stress Activity of Buspirone on Restrained Stress Induced Male Albino Rats. J. Pharm Sci& Res.2017;9(10):2068-2071.
  2. Rohini S Kori, Effect of Anti – Stress Activity of Fluoxetine on Restrained Stress Induced Male Albino Rats in Hematological Parameters and wjp;e Brain Histopathology,Journal of Young Pharmacists.2017;9(2):246-250.
  3. Rohini S Kori, S D Desai et al.  Reversible Assessment of Restrained Stress after Withdrawal in Male Albino Rats, J Pharm, Sci& Res. 2017;9(10):1738-1742.
  • YEAR – 2016 : 7 publications
  1. Komala B. Role of Relative Position of Column of Cervical & upper Thoracic Vertebrae in weight transmission. International Journal of Anatomy & Research,2016;4(2):2308-2311.
  2. Komala B, Samreen Panjakash, Rohini S Kori. A Study of Transmission of weight through Pedicles of Cervical & Upper Thoracic region in Man of South Karnataka region, India. International Journal of Anatomy & Research,2016;4(1):2090-2095.
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  7. Rohini S Kori, Ravindranath H, Desai HD, Das KK. Effect of drug alprazolam on restrained stress induced alteration of serum cortisol and antioxidant vitamins (vitamin C and E) in male albino rats. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research.2016 ;10(8):AF07-AF09
YEAR – 2015 : 4 publications
  1. Ashok KR, Kiran TV. Extensor medii proprius muscle: A case report. Sch J Med case rep 2015; 3(6): 489-490.
  2. Sharath SS, Revannaswamy A, Rohini KR et al. Screening for antiulcer activity of Convolvulus pluricaulis  using pyloric ligation method in Wistar rats.ijpsr.2015;6:89-99.
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YEAR – 2014 : 2 publications
  1. Bharathi D, Komala B, Reshma Sharath. Anatomical Study of Accessory Maxillary Ostia & it’s Surgical Importance. International Journal of Health care Sciences,October,2014-March,2015;2(2):176-179.
  2. Vidya KS, Meenakshi P. A Study on Fused Vertebral Bodies along with Ossified Vetebral Ligaments.Journal of Evidence based Medicine and Healthcare;Volume 1,Issue 16,December 22,2014;Page: 2059-2066.
YEAR – 2013 : 4 publications
  1. Rao R, Shwetha B. Variant high origin of both right and left coronary arteries from the ascending aortic wall- A case study. Anadolu Kardiyol Derg 2013; 13: 279-280.
  2. S. Allwyn Joshua, Sheela G Nayak, Ashok KR et al. Unruptured intracranial aneurysm involving the distal anterior cerebral artery: A cadaveric study. Journal of case reports; 2013; 3(1): 5-9.