Research Publications Department of Pathology

Current year (2020): 2 Publications
  1. HK Manjunath, Bhargavi Mohan, VC Dharani, MJ Thej, TA Sushma, Hassan Sona Rai. Histomorphological Pattern Analysis of Skin Adnexal Tumours- A Retrospective Study. National Journal of Laboratory Medicine. 2020 Oct, 9(4): PO39-PO42
  1. Thylur Ankegowda Sushma, HK Manjunath, V Geethamani, Hassan SonaRai, BM Varaprasad, B Akshatha. The Gray zone papillary breast lesions as a Diagnostic dilemma: An institutional experience. National Journal of Laboratory Medicine 2020 Jan Vol 9 (1): P011-015
      Year 2019: 4 Publications
  1. Dr Bhargavi Mohan, Dr Manjunath ,Dr Geethamani, Dr Dharani V C, Dr Sushma T A, Dr Akshatha. Histomorphological analysis of upper Gastrointestinal endoscopic biopsy – A retrospective study of 106 cases. original article. national journal of laboratory medicine. 2019 Oct.
  1. Dharani V C, Manjunath H. K., Geethamani V, Sushma T A, Bhargavi Mohan, Hassan SonaRai. A Retrospective Study of Histomorphological Patterns of the Cutaneous Granulomatous Lesions in 45 Cases with Review of Literature. Indian J Pathol Res Pract. 2019; 8(1): 16-24.
  1. Thej M J, Thomas A K, Harendra Kumar M L, Kiran J. Histomorphological lung changes and cause of death correlation: An autopsy based study in a tertiary care centre. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research, 2019;Vol 13(6): EC 10-EC15 
  1. Akshatha Basavaraju, Shilpa Shetty,U.S. Dinesh. Role of fine needle aspiration cytology in diagnosing soft tissue tumors: A study of 653 cases.Indian J Pathol Res Pract.2019;8(4):401-407.
     Year 2018: 4 Publications
  1. Dharani V C, H K Manjunatha, Geethamani V, Bhargavi Mohan, Sushma T A ,Thejaswini M U. A prospective study of Thyroid Diseases: Cytological Evaluation and it Histopathological correlation with Review of Literature. IJPRP Vol 7, No. 5 MAY  2018 
  1. Bhargavi Mohan, H K Manjunatha, Geethamani V, Sushma T A , Thejaswini M U, Thej M J. Histopathological pattern analysis in Non neoplastic Skin biopsies: A prospective study of 142 cases. IJPRP Vol 7, No. 3 MAR  2018 
  1. Sushma TA, Geethamani V, Thejaswini MU, Suguna BV, Dharani VC. Epidemiology of neoplastic eyelid lesions in tertiary care hospital. Indian Journal of Pathology and Oncology 2018;5(1):67-74. 
  1. Thejaswini M U, Geethamani V, Sushma T A, Suguna B V, Bhargavi Mohan. Histomorphological study of corneal dystrophies. Indian Journal of pathology and oncology 2018;5(1):150-153
  Year 2017: 5
  1. H K Manjunatha, Bhargavi Mohan, Geethamani V, Thejaswini M U, Sushma T A, Dharani V C. Study of Morphological patterns of endometrial curetting in Dysfunctional uterine bleeding: A Study of 161 cases, with review of Literature. IJPRP Vol 6, No. 3 JUL- SEP 2017 
  1. H K Manjunath, Bhargavi Mohan, Geethamani V. Bilateral Primary Papillary Serous Carcinoma of the Fallopian tube: A Case Report. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research, 2017 May, Vol-11(5): ED38-ED39.\
  1. Chatura KR, Bhargavi M. Fallopian tube pathology- New findings: A Review. J AdvClin Res Insights 2017; 4: 166-9
  1. Liver biopsy to the aid in diagnosis of pediatric hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis: ChaturaKR , Mohan B.  A case report. J Med Radiol Pathol Surg 2017;4: 6-9.
  1. A Histopathological Study of the Small Intestinal Lesions. Guru Raja Prasad Chennakeshaviah, Dharani V C, RangaSwamy Maggad, Manjunath Gubbanna Vimalambika. National Juornal of Laboratory Medicine. 2017 Apr, Vol 6(2)
Year 2016: 1
  1. Manjunatha H K, Jyothi B. Lingegowda, Prakash H Muddegowda, RamkumarKurpad R., Bhargavi Mohan, NiranjanGopal. Spectrum of lesions encountered in fallopian tube histopathology; Retrospective Analysis: Our experience. Archives of Cytology and Histopathology Research, July-September,2016;1(2):45-49
Year 2015: 1
  1. Role of Fluid Dynamics in Cardiac Blast Effect – A Case Report. Kumar  MVP, P Rayamane A, Sushma T A. International  Journal of  Medical Toxicology and Forensic Medicine. 2015;5(2):111-115. 
Year 2014: 1
  1. Thej M J, Kalyani R, Kiran J. Study of atherosclerosis in rural India using modified American Heart Association Classification with specific reference to Young Adults. Nat J Basic Med Sc, 2014;3(4):163-168
Year 2013: 2
  1. Anikode Subramanian Ramaswamy, H K Manjunath, Bylappa Sunil Kumar, SulkuntePalakashaArunkumar. Morphological spectrum of Pilar cysts. North American Journal of American Sciences, 2013;5(3): 124-128 
  1. Haswani Lokesh, Kumar Harendra, Gupta Amit, Thej M J, Thomas A K, Prasad CSBR. Automated ESR analyser: Can saline diluted EDTA blood be used instead of citrate diluted blood – A comparative study. International Journal of Medical and Applied Sciences, 2013;2(4):253-256.