Research Publications Department of Pediatrics

Year 2020- 3 publications
  1. Muniyappa V, Samayam P, Patil M, Narayan S. Congenital Langerhans cell histiocytosis     in a healthy neonate having isolated cutaneous involvement with unusual rapid progression. Sri Lanka Journal of Child Health. 2020 Jun 5;49(2):190-2.
  2. Muniyappa V, Shrinidhi C, Ramesh A C. Role of Lumbar puncture in First episode of Seizures with a Febrile Illness in Children Aged 6-28 Months. IJSR, ISSN:2319-7064/Vol 9/Issue 6/ June 2020 Page 766-68.
  3. Abhijith YV., Ramesh M., Suraj. Post tonsillectomy late onset bleed with Dengue fever being the cause. International journal of medicine and Pharmaceutical sciences (ijmps); issn (online): 2321-0095; issn (print): 2250-0049; vol -10, issue – 3; edition: jun2020.
Year 2019- 3 publications
  1. G S Asha, Ramesh  M The Correlation Of Cd4 Count In Association With Dermatological Complication In Hiv Infected Children , International Journal of Dermatology and Cosmetology (TJPRC: IJDC) Vol. 2, Issue 1, Jun 2019, 1-6.
  2. Ramesh  M   Assessment Of Malnourished Children’s Among Building Construction LaboursTjprc  International Journal of General Pediatrics and Medicine (TJPRC: IJGPM) Vol. 3, Issue 1, Jun 2019, 1-4 © TJPRC Pvt. Ltd.
  3. Ramesh  M  A Cross Sectional Study Of Pneumonia Among Children  Aged Between 5-12 Years .Tjprc International Journal of General Pediatrics and Medicine ( TJPRC: IJGPM ) Vol.3,Issue 1, Jun 2019, 5-12.
Year 2017- 8 publications
  1. Samayam P, Chander BR. Hypernatremia and excess weight loss in exclusively breastfed term infants in neonatal perild. Indian J Child Health 2017;4(1): 15-17.
  2. Samayam P, Pradeep K. Maternal factors influencing exclusive breastfeeding of babies at sis weeks of age. Int J ContempPediatr. 2017;4(1): 15-18.
  3. Samayam P, Chander BR Clinical features and bacteriological profile of Late Onset Sepsis. Int J ContempPediatr. 2017;4 (2):361-364.
  4. Patil M, Muniyappa V, Prasanna DH. Non-Traumatic Coma- Incidence, Aetiology and Outcome.J.Evid. Based Med Healthc- 2349-2562, eISSN-2349-2570/Vol.4/ISSUE 74/Sept. 14, 2017 Page 1001.
  5. Ramesh  M HIV Infected Children In The Era Of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy.
  6.  International Journal of General Pediatrics and Medicine ( TJPRC: IJGPM) Vol.2, Issue 1 Jun2017,11-14.
  7. Singh RK, Thapar RK, Gupta RK, AbhijithYV. Factors Affecting Drug Compliance in Paediatric Asthma. J Nepal PaediatrSoc2017;37(1):31-35.
  8. Jain, C., Thapar, C. R., Mallick, M., Tiwari, S., Yogesh, D. Abhijith, Y. (2017). Evidence-based focused approach for fulfillment of aims: Experiences of an asthma clinic. Indian Journal of Child Health, 4(2),170-175.
Year 2016- 1 publication
  1. Ramesh M. Status Of Health Indicators Of Children Among Rural And Urban Set Up Population In Karnataka State. Tjprc International Journal of General Pediatrics and Medicine ( TJPRC: IJGPM ) Vol.1,Issue 1, Dec 2016, 7-12.
Year 2015- 3 publications
  1. Malleshkariyappa , Shereene – The bite that rewrote the past and changed the future: A case report on congenital adrenal hyperplasia   23 May 2015.
  2. Samayam P, Ranganathan PK Kotari UD, Balasundaram R. Study of asymptomatic hypoglycaemia in full term exclusively breast fed neonates in first 48 hours of life, Journal of clinical and diagnostic research 2015; 9(9):SC 07-SC 10.
  3. Samayam P, Ranganathan PK, Balasundaram R. Study of weight patterns in exclusively breast fed neonates. Does the route of delivery have an impact? Journal of clinical and diagnostic research. 2015; 10(1): SC 01-SC 03.
Year 2012- 2
  1. 1Samayam p, Chander BR. Study of urinary tract infection and bacteriuria in neonatal sepsis. Indian J Pediatr. 2012;79(8):1033-1036.
  2. Samayan P, Chander BR. Profile of sepsis in ectramural  neonates admitted to a tertiary level NICU in a rural hospital. Int J Biol Med Res. 2012;3(4):2464-2468.
Year 2012- 2 publications
  • Samayam P, Chander BR, Reddy SVR. An unusual cause of failure to thrive in a child. The national medical journal of india. 2011;24(2):86-87.
  • Reddy SVR, Samayam P, Ravichander B, Bai U. Auto immune haemolytic anemia: mixed type-a case report Indian J Hematol  blood transfuse. 2011;27 (2):107-110.