Update On Virology

The CME was conducted by the Department of Microbiology, BGS GIMS, on 14 th October 2015.

The scientific sessions were inaugurated by Dr M E Mohan (Principal, BGS GIMS), Dr Ragini (Professor & Head, Department of Microbiology) and the invited guests. The experts in the field of Microbiology were the invited speakers.

Update on Virology for the CME was selected as there was Dengue fever outbreak and was on the uprise.

The topics included for session 1“Epidemiology, Clinical features & Management of Dengue” by Dr.TejaswiC Nataraj, chaired by Dr.M.E.Mohan Principal, BGS GIMS.

Session 2 “Update on Dengue – Role of laboratory” by Dr.RakshaYoganand, chaired by Dr.Balachandra Prof. & HOD, Dept. of Medicine.

Session 3“Laboratory Diagnosis of Viral Hepatitis” by Dr.S.Muralidharan, chaired by Dr.Geethamani Prof. & HOD, Dept. of Pathology.

Session 4 “Hospital infection control measures during viral fever outbreak” by Dr.Sukanya Rangaswamy, chaired by Dr.Ramachandra, Medical Superintendent.

Session 5 “HPV vaccines” by Dr.Sailakshmi, chaired by Dr.Shankare Gowda, Prof. & HOD, Dept. of OBG.

Session 6 “Diagnostic issues in HIV testing” by Dr.Sangeeta Joshi, chaired by Dr.Madan Mariyappa, Prof., Dept. of Surgery.

All the sessions were interactive and educative as per the oral feedback collected from the participants and speakers.
The delegates found the CME programme relevant and useful.