1 -7 August 2023-Department of Paediatrics, BGS GIMS, Bangalore.

Theme –“Enabling  Breast feeding”

Making a difference for working parents

Department of paediatrics BGS GIMS celebrated the ‘Worlds Breast feeding week’’ from 1st Aug to 7th Aug 2023  and conducted function on 7th  Aug  Monday.

World Breast Feeding week 2023 was observed in department under the guidance of Dr. Ramesh M, Professor & Head. Department of Paediatrics BGS GIMS.

The inauguration of ‘World Breastfeeding week’ was done in the hospital Reception-hall at 11am by lighting the lamp by Dr Srinivas  Professor &HOD of ENT, Dr. Om Prakash Administrative medical officer  andDr. Ramesh M professor &HOD of paediatrics in the presence of faculties of paediatrics and other departments and students.

The theme for world breastfeeding week 2023 is “–“Enabling  Breast feeding”

Making a difference for working parents”. The theme emphasises necessary actions by policymakers, employers and colleagues to support continued exclusive breastfeeding in workingwomen to their infants.

During Breastfeeding week, the paediatric department organised an insightful orientation session to highlight the crucial role of breastfeeding in infant health. The event was made even more engaging with an Informative three skit performanceby undergraduates , illustrating the benefits of breastfeeding and addressing common concerns with respect to working mothers. And also conducted Poster competition regarding the Breast feeding for under-graduates , Interns and post graduates, and selected three best posters were selected for the prize.

Through these efforts, the department aimed to promote awareness and encourage the adoption of breastfeeding practices for the well- being of both all mothers including working mothers and babies.

 We concluded the programme of WORLD BREAST FEEDING WEEK2023 with great success.