9th International Yoga Day Celebration

BGS and SJB group of institutions in coordination with SJS Yoga institute celebrated the 9th International Yoga day  on21st June 2023.It was an eventful and magnificent morning as over 5000 participants from all BGS and SJB group of institutions across Bangalore gathered to perform yoga at the BGS & SJB Cricket ground, BGS Health & education city, Uttarhalli road, Bangalore.This grand event was planned and overlooked by  the Dean and PrincipalBGS Global Institute of Medical Sciences, Dr M. E Mohan.

The occasion was graced by 

  • Jagadguru Sri SriSriDr. Nirmalanandanatha Maha Swamiji, President of Sri AdichunchunagiriShikshana Trust 
  • Reverend Sri Sri. Dr.Prakashnatha Swamiji, Managing Director, BGS and SJB Group of Institutions
  • Shri P. Harishekaran, Hon’ble Additional DGP
  • Shri B.G.Jyothi  Prakash Mirji, Hon’ble Ex-Commissioner of Police
  • Yogacharya Sri Karthik Patil , Founder SJS Yoga Institute  
  •  Shri Tejasvi  Surya(Hon’ble Member of Parliament)
  • Shri Umapathy Srinivas(Cine Producer)
  •  Cine Actresses:  Ms.Harshika Poonacha, Ms.Ashika Ranganath, Ms.Aditi Prabhudeva, Ms.Radhika Narayan, Ms.KusheeRavi.Their attendance further underscored the importance of yoga as a unifying practice that transcends boundaries and brings people together. 

The International Yoga day celebration was inaugurated by lighting the lamp and  offering floral tribute to His Divine Soul, Jagadguru Padmabhushana Sri SriSriDr.Balagangadharanatha Maha Swamiji by Poojya guruji Sri SriSriDr. Nirmalanandanatha Maha Swamiji, Reverend Sri SriPrakashnatha Swamiji and our guests. 

The Yoga session commenced with OM chanting. Yogacharya Karthik Patil guru, founder SJS Yoga Institute  took us through the yoga session and Sri SriDr.Prakashnath Swamiji conducted the Pranayama session. The session concluded with the Aashirvachana and shloka chanting by Sri SriSri Dr Nirmalanadanatha Maha Swamiji.

The program started at around 8:00 am & lasted for an hour & a half. The event was conducted at the  BGS-SJB-Cricket Grounds in a sprawling green lawn open space of 5 acres. The lush greenery and vast  expanse of the grounds created a pleasant and inviting atmosphere for attendees. The cloudy morning  set the stage for a serene and contemplative session. 

The event emphasized the significance of discipline in yoga. Discipline plays a vital role in maintaining  a regular yoga practice, as it requires consistency, dedication, and focus. By highlighting discipline, the  event aimed to inspire participants to incorporate yoga into their daily lives and experience its profound  benefits. 

The IDY-23 celebration created an environment of unity, harmony, and well-being. It provided an  opportunity for staff and students to come together, learn from experienced yoga practitioners and  deepen their understanding of yoga as a way of life. 

By organizing such a grand gathering and involving yoga gurus and dignitaries, IDY-23 aimed to spread  awareness about the transformative power of yoga and encourage individuals to incorporate yoga  practices into their daily routines, leading to a healthier and more balanced life. 

Overall, concluding a program by distributing mementos and singing the National Anthem sounds like  a fitting and meaningful way to end the event, leaving participants with a sense of appreciation and  national pride. 

The program was telecasted live by many media channels & the videos also available on