Department of Psychiatry


Psychiatry, which literally means caring for the mind, is a branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis, management and prevention of emotional and behavioural disorders. There has been tremendous advancements in the last few decades which has made it more evidence based and patient centric.

The department of Psychiatry at BGS Global Institute of Medical Sciences aims to provide comprehensive mental health care services to all sections of society under one roof. Along with regular outpatient walk-in and follow up clinics, the department  also runs weekly specialty clinics, which include Addiction Medicine, Perinatal Psychiatry, Geriatric Psychiatry, Sexual Medicine and Child Guidance Clinic (in association with Department of Pediatrics). We conduct diagnostic and therapeutic procedures like EEG, Integrated ECT, Biofeedback and various neuropsychological assessments. Several interdepartmental academic programmes are held to sensitize doctors from other specialties about common psychiatric conditions. Being a general hospital psychiatry unit, the department caters to the liaison needs of various other departments. We also conduct community outreach programs like free camps and mental health related programmes to increase awareness on mental illness and to combat stigma. 

Our faculty is involved in teaching activities at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Department also provides short term training courses for medical students in other specialties, allied health sciences and nursing. The department recognizes research as one of the important pillars of medical education and strives to facilitate good research environment. This is reflected in the numerous publications at national and international level. Our integrated approach aims to equip the next generation mental health professionals with the competence to handle all the mental health needs of the community.