Ongoing Research Activities Department of Psychiatry

Faculty Research Activities

  • Effect of Cognitive Enhancement Training on Short Term Memory in High School Students – Keertish N, Harsha GT, Karthik KN, Suman S Rao
  • To study the prevalence of behavioral addiction in medical students – Harsha GT, Karthik KN , Keertish N 
  • Prevalence of PMS and PMDD in women, A population based study – Harsha GT, Jayashree S, Keertish N, Karthik KN
  • To study the prevalence of PMDD in women suffering from post partum depression –Harsha GT, Karthik KN, Keertish N
  • Knowledge and attitude of medical students about patients suffering from psychiatric illnesses before and after psychiatric clinical postings – Keertish N, Harsha GT, Karthik KN
  • Intimate Partner Violence, Anxiety and Depression in Women with Sexually Transmitted Infections – a hospital based case control study –Sapna B, Karthik KN