Research Publications Department of Psychiatry

Current year (2020) – 2 Publications
  1. Harsha GT, Kumar KSA. Psychiatric profile, depression and body dysmorphic disorder in patients with amputation. IP Indian J Neurosci 2020;6(3):158-162.
  2. Kumar KSA, Harsha GT, Praveen SR, Anikethan GV, Kumaraswamy. Morbidity of depression and anxiety in post-stroke patients in a government tertiary care hospital in Mandya. IP Indian J Neurosci 2020;6(2):92-95.
Year 2019 – 1 Publication
  1. Harsha GT, Acharya MS. Trajectory of perinatal mental health in India. Indian J Soc Psychiatry 2019;35:47-54
Year 2018 – 4 Publications
  1. Hemanthkumar BG, Keertish N, Sathyanarayana MT. Is there any difference between attitude of interns towards psychiatric illness and other chronic medical conditions? A comparative study. Indian J Psychiatry 2018; 60: 195-8.
  2. Harsha GT, RajeshRaman, Ravi MD, Rao TSS. A Study to Assess the Magnitude of Depression in Children and Adolescents with Epilepsy; Int J Clin Psychiatry 2018, 6(3): 47-51.
  3. Harsha GT, Ashok Kumar KS. A study to assess anxiety among adolescents suffering from epilepsy at a tertiary care hospital in Mysore; Int J Clin Psychiatry, 2018, 6(3): 52-56.
  4. George M, Maheshwari S, Chandran S, Rao SS, Shivanand MJ, Sathyanarayana Rao TS. Psychosocial intervention for sexual addiction. Indian J Psychiatry 2018;60:510-3
Year 2017  – 5 Publications
  1. Sharma I, Pathak A, Keertish N. Clinical assessment in child and adolescent psychiatry; Textbook of child and adolescent psychiatry; Editors, Vyas et al; Paras medical publisher, first edition 2017;672-681.
  2. Sharma I, Keertish N, Pathak A, Sharma R. Parenting Healthy children; Textbook of child and adolescent psychiatry; Editors ,Vyas et al; Paras medical publisher; first edition 2017; 693-703.
  3. Hemanthkumar BG, Keertish N, Sathyanarayana MT, Hyder S. Attitude of interns towards psychiatry before and after 2 weeks of clinical rotation. Indian J Soc Psychiatry 2017; 33: 365-9.
  4. Rao T, Manohar JS, Raman R, Darshan MS, Tandon A, Karthik KN, Saraswathi N, Das K, Harsha GT, Kunkeri SP, Andrade C. The prospective, 24-week assessment of cost-efficacy of and compliance to antidepressant medications in a rural setting (PACECAR) study. Indian J  Psychiatry 2017;59(2), 157–163.
  5. Manohar SJ, Sathyanarayana Rao TS, Chandra S, Maheshwari S, Rao SS et al. Sexual Dysfunctions in Depression. Clin Depress 2017; 3: 125.
Year 2015 – 3 Publications
  1. Keertish N, Kumar A, Sharma I. Profile of Psychotic Disorders in the Elderly: A Retrospective Study. J Indian Acad Clin Med 2015;16(1):39-42. 
  2. Keertish N, Sharma I. Study of Frustration in Adolescents with Conversion Disorder. J Indian Assoc Child Adolesc Ment Health 2015;11(1):7-31.
  3. Keertish N, Sharma I. Impairment and Classroom Environment in Adolescents with Conversion Disorder. J Indian Assoc Child Adolesc Ment Health 2015; 11(2):99-120.
Year 2014 – 2 Publications
  1. Rao TSS, Darshan MS, Harsha GT, et al. Suttur study: An epidemiological study of psychiatric disorders in south Indian rural population; Indian J Psychiatry 2014; 56(3), 238-245.
  2. Darshan MS, Vathsala JK, Keya Das, Harsha GT, Karthik KN, Iyshwarya et al; Expectations, Experiences and Exploration in Psychiatry.  Career Planning for Young Psychiatrists: What you don’t learn at College; Edited by Rao TSS, Vishal Indla, Indla Ramasubba Reddy. 2014;167-171.
Year 2013 – 3 Publications
  1. Keertish N, Sathyanarayana MT, Hemanth Kumar BG, Singh N, Udagave K. Pattern of Psychiatric Referrals in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital in Southern India. J Clin Diagn Res. 2013; 7(8): 1689-1691. 
  2. Rao TSS, Harsha GT, Darshan MS et al.  Sexual disorders:  General perspectives. Intimacy matters: Elderly Sexuality edited by Rao TSS, Gupta S, Tandon A. Published by IAGMH, 2013; 53-83.
  3. Rao TSS, Harsha GT, Karthik KN. “Advantages of ECTs at night: A naturalistic observational study. Indian J Psychiatry. Jan 2013;55(5),35-36.