Continuing medical education on “Integrated Approach to Thyroid Neoplasms”  was organised by the Department of Radiodiagnosis and Imaging & Department of General Surgery on 7th December 2022 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM at the BGS Auditorium.

The Inauguration ceremony was carried out by Dr. Mohan M E, Principal and Dean , BGS GIMS.

An introductory talk on the applied anatomy to thyroid was delivered by Dr. Madan Mariyappa , Professor and HOD ,BGS GIMS.

Dr. Kavitha Umesh, Professor of Pathology, Kidwai, Bengaluru spoke in depth on the pathology of thyroid neoplasms; the genetic factors, histopathological and cytological features of each type along with their clinical implications.

It was followed by the session on imaging features of thyroid neoplasms by Dr.Umesh Krishnamurty,Professor and HOD , Department of Radiodiagnosis ,Ramaiah Medical College,Bengaluru. Imaging modalities for thyroid were discussed with  focus on the use of ultrasonography as a first line modality  in  the  characterisation of thyroid lesions  with appropriate TIRADS scoring and guided procedures.

With a base of Anatomy ,Pathology and Radiology, subsequently , the surgical interventions for thyroid neoplasms was discussed by Dr. C. Ramachandra ,  Professor of Surgical Oncology,Kidwai,Bengaluru. Various clinical aspects ,indications and techniques for surgery based on the type of neoplasm were highlighted , along with an insight into the recent advances.

Apart from Surgical approaches , the role of Radiotherapy in Thyroid neoplasms was explained by Dr.Mathangi J , Consultant Radiation Oncologist ,BGS Gleneagles Global hospital, Bengaluru. The session was dedicated to the understanding of basic mechanisms and working of  radiotherapeutic agents , appropriate patient selection for radiotherapy and importance of integrated management with other specialities.

The post-lunch session was a talk on nuclear medicine in thyroid neoplasms by Lt.Col(Dr)Arun John, HOD and Classified Specialist in Nuclear Medicine, Command Hospital Air Force,Bengaluru. The session was a detailed talk on the scope and spectrum of nuclear medicine with emphasis on the various agents used , their isotopes and its evolving role in the improvement of diagnosis and management of thyroid neoplasms.

Lastly, an interactive quiz session on thyroid neoplasms was conducted for the delegates , with participating teams consisting of postgraduates from Radiology ,General Surgery and Pathology.

Certificates were given to all registered delegates with 2 CME credit hours from Karnataka Medical Council.