Cognitair Workshop – 2023

Conducted by: BGS GIMS

Date: 5th & 6th of July, 2023

Venue: BGS GIMS Advanced Skill Lab

COGNITAIR WORKSHOPS 2023, our highly anticipated first intercollegiate workshop held on July 5th and 6th, showcased a remarkable array of immersive learning experiences. The workshops were successfully conducted under the guidance of our Dean cum Principal Dr. M E Mohan sir and with the blessings of Reverend Sri Sri Dr. Prakashnath Swamiji andunder the leadership of the “Organizing Secretaries – Ella Vignesh B Rao, Nikhil Vallamkondu & Rohan S Gowda”. Participants had the unique opportunity to delve into a wide range of fields, from Basic Surgical Skills to Trauma Care, Emergency Life Support, Crime Scene Investigation, Radiology, Non-Invasive Cardiology, Research, and even Labor Management & Neonatal Resuscitation. With hands-on activities, expert guidance, and realistic scenarios, attendees gained invaluable knowledge and honed their skills in the realms of healthcare and research. Our workshop left a lasting impact, empowering participants to excel in their future endeavors.

Basic Surgical Skills

Under the guidance of experienced surgeons of The Department of General Surgery, BGS GIMS(Dr. Madan Mariyappa, Dr.Anil Kumar K N, DR. Sunitha R K, Dr. Sreenivas Murthy D, Dr. Chandan S A, Dr. Prerana R T) our Basic Surgical Skills workshop provided students with a unique opportunity to dive into the exciting world of surgery. Through hands-on training and simulation exercises, participants had the chance to develop their surgical techniques. They learned the fundamentals of incision, suturing, and instrument handling, insertion of Intercostal Drain and Foley’s Catheterisation and a solid foundation for their future careers in the operating room. This workshop not only enhanced their technical skills but also instilled confidence and precision in the aspiring surgeons. The workshop was organized by Rohan S Gowda, Ella Vignesh B Rao, Nagendra Srivatsa, Shreshta A, and Sri Hari Reddy.

Golden Hour – Basic Trauma Care

The Trauma Care workshop was a thrilling experience where participants gained invaluable skills in responding to critical situations. The workshop was conducted under the guidance of The Department of Emergency Medicine, BGS GIMS (Dr Shwetha Odeyar S, Dr Sunita Parmar, Dr K Sushma Lakshmi) and The Department of Orthopaedics, BGS GIMS (Dr. Raju, Dr. Anirudha M). Through realistic scenarios and simulations, students acquired the necessary abilities to assess and manage traumatic injuries such as long bone fractures. From triage, intubation and stabilization to rapid decision-making, this workshop prepared them to provide immediate and effective care to trauma patients. The hands-on nature of the workshop ensured that participants developed the necessary confidence and competence to excel in emergency situations. The workshop was organized by Vishal Venugopal, Pranjali, Sanjana Patil, and Teju.

Emergency Life Support

In our Emergency Life Support workshop conducted by TheECLS Team, BGS GIMS (Dr Harshith C S, Dr Janaki Ram N, Dr Srinivas H, Dr Amith S, Dr Prajwal Gowda C,  Dr Darshan C , Dr Vybhavi M K, Dr Anjusha I B, Dr Suma H V, Dr Ashwini G S, Dr Rashmi R, Dr Shamantha G) students had the opportunity to acquire vital skills for saving lives in critical situations. Through interactive demonstrations and practical training, participants learned how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), use automated external defibrillators (AEDs), airway management and manage choking incidents. This workshop equipped students with the knowledge and confidence to respond effectively during medical emergencies, enabling them to make a difference in life-or-death situations. The workshop was organized by Tanusha, Vineeth Nayak, and Swathi S Hosmath.

Labor Management & Neonatal Resuscitation:

Our combined workshop conducted by The Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (Dr. Rekha N, Dr. Roopa N K, Dr. Anju Arpana Dr.Namratha H R, Dr.Saumya D S, Dr.Sharanya Satish, Dr.Banu K, Dr Anushree S, Dr.Aakanksha Arrawatia, Dr.Komal Jindal, Dr.Nivedha Joseph, Dr.Prashanta Vijaya Tumbagi, Dr.Amita V Khatawkar) and The Department of Paediatrics, BGS GIMS (Dr. Sharath Chandra N, Dr. Chiranth S B, Dr. Manjunath R, Dr. Madhukiran BT) offered a comprehensive learning experience in obstetrics and neonatal care. Participants acquired knowledge and skills in managing labor, including pain management and effective communication, as well as resuscitating newborns in emergencies. Through interactive sessions and hands-on training, students gained a deep understanding of the labor process and learned vital techniques for neonatal resuscitation. This workshop prepared them to provide competent and compassionate care to both mothers and newborns during critical moments. The workshop was organized by Sudhieekshaa N, M Preetham Reddy, and Sathwik Vinayak.

Crime Scene Investigation

Our Crime Scene Investigation workshop conducted by The Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, BGS GIMS (Dr. Kiran M S, Dr. Vinay H N, Dr. Rani H L, Dr. Shravya Reddy) offered an immersive experience into the world of forensic science. Through hands-on activities and analysis of mock crime scenes, participants learned how to collect, preserve, and analyze evidence using scientific techniques. From fingerprint analysis to blood spatter interpretation, this workshop provided a captivating exploration of the field of forensic investigation. Students developed critical thinking skills and attention to detail, essential for solving complex crimes. The workshop was organized by Siddanth Upadhyay.

Radiology Workshop

In our Radiology workshop conducted by The Department of Radiology,BGS GIMS (Dr.Nagesh R, Dr. Major Haribaskar S, Dr. Major Rohan P J ,Dr. Ruma Zaidi, Dr. Sanjeev H Gowda, Dr. Sujay Umesh Bani, Dr. Bharath Reddy H) students explored the fascinating field of medical imaging. Through hands-on training and expert guidance, participants learned to interpret diagnostic images such as X-rays, USG, CT scans, and MRIs. They gained insights into various medical conditions and their visual manifestations. The workshop included interactive case studies, allowing students to develop the skills needed to accurately identify abnormalities and contribute to patient diagnosis and treatment. The workshop was organized by Namitha Sridhar, Bharath R, and Sharatha.

Non-Invasive Cardiac Procedures

The Non-Invasive Cardiology workshop conducted by The Department of General Medicine, BGS GIMS (Dr. Ravishankar M S, Dr. Amulya V) provided participants with a comprehensive understanding of cardiovascular health assessment through non-invasive methods. Through hands-on training and expert instruction, students learned how to perform non-invasive diagnostic procedures such as electrocardiography (ECG), echocardiography (ECHO) and treadmill stress test (TMT). They gained the expertise necessary for a successful career in cardiology, making a positive impact on patients’ heart health. The workshop was organized by Dikshitha Suresh and Nikhil Vallamkondu.

EUREKA – Research Workshop

Our Research workshop conducted by The Department of Community Medicine,BGS GIMS (Dr.Veena V, Dr.Shruthi M N) took students on a journey of scientific discovery. Participants acquired the skills and knowledge to conduct meaningful investigations. From formulating research questions to collecting and analyzing data, students gained valuable insights into the research process. Through mentorship and collaboration, they developed critical thinking abilities and contributed to the advancement of knowledge in their chosen fields. The workshop ignited a passion for research and inquiry, empowering students to make significant contributions to their respective fields. The workshop was organized by Hima M C, Akshita Kunchum, and Pranav N Bushan.