Ongoing Research Activities Department of Bio-Chemistry

  • A study on Cystatin as an Early Marker for diabetic Nephropathy.- Dr.Chethana Chethan

  • DIPSI and GTT in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus.- Dr. Shilpashree MK

  •  Screening for diabetes mellitus among presumptive and TB Patients: Gaps and health system related challenges from an operational research study in Bengaluru Urban District, Karnataka, India. Approved by RNTCP.- Dr. Shilpashree MK

  • Vitamin D receptor gene polymorphisms, plasma cathelicidin and serum Vitamin D levels among Tuberculosis patients (drug sensitive and drug resistant): Effectiveness of Vitamin D supplementation on TB treatment outcomes and cathelicidin levels.- Dr. Shilpashree MK

  •  Study of Serum Copper & Zinc Levels in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus.- Dr.Latha P

  • Correlating sleep deprivation and oxidative DNA damage to possible co-morbidities in medical students: A case-Control Study.- Mr. Ronald Jaswanth Kumar. Katta