Research Publications Department of Bio-Chemistry

YEAR 2020 – 01 publication
  1. Nagaraja SB, SantoshaK, Shilpashree MK, Sanath KG. Uprooted by COVID pandemic: National TB elimination programme needs acceleration! Indian Journalof Tuberculosis, August 2020; 67(2):xx-xx (
YEAR 2019 – 02 publications
  1. Shilpashree MK, Krishnamurthy N,Raju KP, Sharath BN. Serum vitamin D levels among patients with chronic low back pain attending BGS-GIMS hospital, Bangalore, India.International Journal of clinical Biochemistry and Research, January–March, 2019;6(1):118-120
  2. LathaP, Ravi B V, Lakshmi Pandith, A study of thyroid profile in depression International Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Research 2019;6(3):289-293.
YEAR 2017 – 03 publications
  1. ChethanaChethan ,Valliyamma , Vanitha. Correlation Study Between Serum AFP & ALT (SGPT) Level In Acute Viral Hepatitis.ActaBiomedicaScientia. 2017; 4(1): 11-13
  2. ChethanaChethan ,Valliyamma , Vanitha. A laboratory perspective for errors in potassium measurement. ActaBiomedicaScientia. 2017;4(1):1-3.
  3. Shilpashree M K. Expressions of polymorphisms in Vitamin D receptor gene among TB patients in India: Leave no stone unturned! NTI Bulletin, 2017; 53,1-4,54-58.
YEAR 2016 – 03 publications
  1. Nagalakshmi CS, Ganashree CP , Krishnamurthy N , ChethanaChethan , Shilpashree MK. Deciphering the Clinico-Biochemical Mileau of Perimenopausal and Postmenopausal women with a note on beneficial effects of Yoga and Exercise. International Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Research 2016; 3(3):325-329.
  2. Shilpashree M K, Krishnamurthy N,Nagalakshmi C S, Sharath B N.Small Group Teaching at Medical Colleges – How Good is this Approach?  Journal of Research in Medical Education & Ethics. 2016 Jul; 6(2): 63-66                                                                                    
  3. C.S. Nagalakshmi, N U Santhosh, N Krishnamurthy, ChethanaChethan, M KShilpashree.Role of altered venous blood lactate and HbA1C in women with gestational Diabetes mellitus.Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. 2016 Dec, Vol-10(12): BC18-BC20
YEAR 2015 – 03 publications
  1. B. N Sharath ,M K Shilpashree, R G Menezes, A K Bansal. Tuberculosis research in Indian medical colleges:has it taken a back seat?PHA 2015; 5(3): 202.
  2. Appaji Mahesh Ashwini, LathaPuttarudrappa, BelagumbaVijaykumar Ravi, Mala Majumdar. GC-MS analysis, evaluation of phytochemicals, anti-oxidant, thrombolytic and anti-inflammatory activities of Exacumbicolor. Bangladesh J Pharmacol 2015: 10: 745-752. 
  3. Devaki R N, Harisha S A,Shree Harsha V,Vinod Kumar H R, Poojitha K. Serum Ferritin Levels in Patients of Beta–Thalassaemia Major, Receiving Repeated Blood Transfusion. Indian Journal Of Applied Research 2015 Jul; 5(7): 716-717
YEAR 2014 – 01 publication
  1. Shilpashree M K, Ravi B V, Vedavathi. Serum Lipoprotein (a) and lipid profile in Hypothyrodism. J Clin Biomed Sci 2014; 4(1):235-39.
YEAR 2013 – 01 publication
  1. N.Krishnamurthy,Navin S, Ashakiran S, C D Dayanand.The association of hypomagnesaemia,high normal uricaemia and dyslipidaemia in the patients with diabetic retinopathy.Journal of clinical and diagnostic research.2013 jul, vol-7(7): 1276-1279.