Celebration of ORS WEEK, July-2023

Like every year, on Friday, 28th July, World ORS day was celebrated in our esteemed institute. This day marks the pinnacle of World ORS week, celebrated annually during the last week of July. The Celebration was held enthusiastically by The Department of Paediatrics  with this year’s theme of


ORS is simple remedy that helps fight fatal diarrhoeal diseases. In India, diarrhoea- related diseases are third most common cause of death in children. Even though diarrhoea is curable, educating people in terms of personal hygiene and creating awareness about ORS is important.

The venue for the World ORS day celebration, the Reception area of our esteemed Hospital, was decorated with hand drawn informative posters made by  students, interns and post graduates, of our institute, as means of spreading awareness about ORS.The Heads of various departments, faculties, post graduates, interns, undergraduates and nursing staff gathered along with huge crowd of common people.

The celebration was graced by the presence of, our beloved Dean cumPrincipal,  Dr M.E. Mohan, our Medical Superintendent, Dr Srikanth Kulkarni  and our  Administrative Medical officerDr Om Prakash  who were welcomed by our revered HOD and Professor Dr. Ramesh M, along with the rest of the Department of Paediatrics.

This was followed by the highlight of the day, short plays, of twoscenes of daily life scenarios, each educating the common folk about the importance of Oral Rehydration Solution, that was enacted by the undergraduate students of 4th and 6th term MBBS. It was a short but phenomenal effort by the students to drive home the theme.

As all good things come to an end, the Celebration was concluded with one-on-one discussions amongst the common public to overcome all the doubts and myths surrounding the Oral Rehydration Solution. In the end, as their signature parting- style, the Department of Paediatrics distributed sweets before everyone went back to their everyday hustle.

Winners of the Poster making competition for The World ORS day celebration for the year 2023 –

1st Prize –Bharat V (4th term)

2nd Prize –Bhuvana Ramesh (4th term)

3rd Prize – Amogha Prakash (9th term)

4th Prize –Dr Pranav Agrawal and Bhavya sister