Ongoing Research Activities Department of Anatomy


  • Morphometric analysis of lumbar dorsal root ganglia: A Cadaveric Study: – Dr. Rohini K R, Dr. Komala. B, Dr. Ashok K.R. 
  • Study of branching pattern of external carotid artery:- Dr. Ashok K R
  • Morphometry of hyoid bone:-Dr. Kiran T V, Dr. Ashok K R.


  • Investigations on the vascular defects in a gestational diabetes placenta among South Indian patients:- Mr. Yashas. Guide: Dr. Komala.B (ICMR STS Project)
  • Myopia Genetics: A Study on the inheritance and the prevalence of Myopia in school and college – going students in Bangalore. Does genetic inheritance confer more risk than lifestyle? :- Mr. Vignesh. Guide: Dr. Swetha.B. (ICMR STS Project)
  • Study of fingerprint and palmar print patterns for analysis of Dermatoglyphic trait in primary hypertension: – Mr. Rohan S Gowda. Guide: Dr. Rohini K R. (ICMR STS Project)