Research Publications Department of Anesthesia

Year (2020) – 2  Publications   
  1. Yoganarasimha N. Diacerin-A gold standard analgesic in management of osteoarthritis.Indian J ClinAnaesth 2020;7(1):3-7.
  1. Bhavya Reddy H A , Priyadharshini V C Moorthy, Shilpa H L, Prajwal  C Gowda, Ramesh Kumar PB. A prospective randomized comparative study of epidural bupivacaine and levobupivacaine after single dose of intrathecal fentanyl for combined spinal epidural labour analgesia. MedPulse International Journal of Anaesthesia.September2020;15(3):119-124.
Year 2019 – 4 Publications
  1. Shwetha Odeyar S,Shilpa H L, Ramesh Kumar PB.Preemptive melatonin versus pregabalin for perioperative anxiety and sedation in patients undergoing cataract surgeries: A double blind,prospective randomized clinical trial; MedPulse International Journal of Anaesthesiology ,Print ISSN:2579-0900,online ISSN:2636-4654,Volume 9, Issue 2, February 2019(129-132).
  2. Amitha.s, Vidyadhar.M, Thejeswini.M,Yoganarasimha N .A comparitive clinical study between clonidine and tramadol with buprivacaine in caudual epidural for post operative analgesia in pediatric surgery. Anesthesia essay and research;may 2019. ?????
  3. Moorthy PVC, Desai D, Upadhyay MR . Comparison of the Air –Q  intubating laryngeal airway with the proseal laryngeal mask airway in elective surgeries : A randomized controlled study. Indian J ClinAnaesth 2019;6(3):349-54.
  4. Shwetha Odeyar S, S Thiruvanakkarasu. Oral pregabalin vs placebo for attenuation      of  hemodynamic response following direct laryngoscopy and endotracheal intubation. Medpulse international journal of anesthesiology. January 2019, 9(2):109-112.
Year 2018 –  4 Publications
  1. Shilpa H L,Shwetha Odeyar S, Ramesh Kumar P B.  Comparison of sublingual melatonin, alprazolam and melatonin alprazolam combination on anxiolysis and sedation in cataract surgery: A double blinded randomized controlled trial. Indian J AnesthAnalg 2018; 5(8):1390-95.
  2. Shilpa H L ,Shwetha Odeyar S,Adarsh ES . PraderWilli –A case report.Indian Journal of Clinical Anaesthesia,April-June,2018;5(2):297-298.
  3. Bhavya Reddy H A, Lakshmi A S, Tramadol in Perioperative Shivering In Patients Undergoing Caesarean Section Under Regional Anaesthesia .Medpulse International Journal Of Anaesthesiology Vol.5, Issue.2, Feb 2018:21-27.
  4. Geetanjali S. Masamaddi, V. Poornima. Oral premedication in paediatric surgeries under general anaesthesia with ketamine versus midazolam: A comparative study. Indian Journal of Anesthesia and Analgesia 2018; 5(4): 560-565.
Year 2017 –  7 Publications
  1. Yoganarasimha.N, Amitha.S, Shridhar. K. A comparative study between intrathecal clonidine and buprenorphine with intrathecal bupivacaine for lower abdominal surgeries. Indian journal of anaesthesia and analgesia,2017;4(1):681-684. 
  2. Amitha.S, Yoganarasimha.N. Comparitive study of intravenous ramosetron and ramosetron with dexamethasone as prophylactic anti – ponv in patients coming for elective ent surgeries. Indian journal of anaesthesia and analgesia,2017;4,245-125.
  3. Shilpa H L, V B Gowda.Comparison of upper lip bite test with modified mallampatti classification for predicting difficulty in endotracheal intubation: A prospective study. Med Pulse International Journal of Anaesthesiology , December 2017;4(3):68-71.
  4. Bhavya Reddy HA, Naziyabanu, D B Rao. Double blinded study of effect of adding dexmedetomidine versus clonidine to intrathecal hyperbaric bupivacaine to spinal block characteristics in lower abdominal surgeries. Annals of Health and HealthSciencesVol.4, No.1, Jan-Jun 2017.
  5. Masamaddi GS, Banappa KA, Babu NMC. Evaluation of postoperative analgesic effects of intrathecal tramadol with bupivacaine and bupivacaine alone in patients undergoing lower abdominal surgery: a comparative study. J. Evid. Based Med. Health. 2017:4(6), 322-325. 
  6. Ramesh M, Masamaddi GS, Shamshuzoha M. A study on the assessment of safety and efficacy of intramuscular Parecoxib in adult patients for postoperative analgesia. J. Evolution Med. Dent. Sci. 2017:6(20):1585-1588.
  7. Geetanjali S. Masamaddi, Ram Prasad Harsha, Kiran S.K. A study on haemodynamic and adverse effects of intramuscular Parecoxib in adults for postoperative pain relief. Indian Journal of Anesthesia and Analgesia 2017; 4(4, Part-1), 917-739.
Year 2016 – 4 Publications

1.Ramesh Kumar P. B, NehaNupoor, Anand T Talikoti. Epidural bupivacaine with  dexmedetomidine or fentanyl for lower abdominal and lower limb surgeries- A Randomized Prospective Study.  J ClinBiomed  Sci 2016;6(1):14-19.

2. Yoganarasimha.N,Shashank.M.R,Raghavendra.T.R,Radha.M.K                                                 Comparison of preoxygenation in supine position versus 15 *Head up tilt to look for duration of non-hypoxic apnoea in non-obese healthy adults. Indian Journal Of Clinical Anaesthesiology, 2016; 3(4):631-634.

3. Raghavendra.T.R, Yoganarasimha.N .Delibrate Controlled Hypotension in Fess: Comparison Between Nitroglycerine And Esmolol. KARNATAKA ANAESTHESIA JOURNAL 2016;2: 54-58.

4.Bhavya Reddy H A, Naziya banu, Trevor Nair. Efficacy of the subcostal transverses abdominis plane block in laparoscopic cholecystectomy: Comparison with conventional port site infiltration.Annals of Health and Health Sciences Vol.3, No.2, July-December 2016,42-47.