Research Publications Department of Dentistry

Year 20201 Publication
  1. Anjali K, Arun A B, Bastian T S, Parthiban R, Selvamani M, Adarsh H. Oral microbial profile in oral cancer patients before and after radiation therapy in a cancer care center –A prospective study. J Oral Maxillofac Pathol 2020;24:117-24.
Year 2018 – 1 Publication
  1. Nayak V, Savita JK, Adarsh H, Shreshta P. Interleukins with a note on IL6 in oral malignancy. World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research 2018;7(15):311-5. 
Year 2017- 3 Publications
  1. Adarsh H, Selvamani, Donoghue M, Joshi M. Immuno-Histochemical and Quantitative Study of Melanocytes and Melanin Granules in Oral Epithelial Dysplasia. Journal of clinical and diagnostic research Jul 2017; 11(&):ZC56-8.
  2. Venkategowda PRH, Prakash AT, Roy ET, Shetty KS, Thakkar S, Maurya R. Stability of vertical, horizontal and angular parameters following superior repositioning of maxilla by Le Fort I osteotomy: a cephalometric study. J Clin Diagn Res 2017 Jan;11(1):ZC10. – ZC14.
  3. Shetty S, Maurya R, Raj HVP, Patil A. Comparison of the Pendulum appliance and the Jones Jig: A prospective comparative study. Eur J Dent Jul-Sep 2017;11(3):323 – 9.
Year 2016 –2 Publications
  1. Laller S, Raj HVP, Parashar S. Oral pleasure-oral sexually transmitted infections – oral cancer: A missing link. International Medical Journal. 2016 Aug;3(8):720 – 2.
  2. Malik M, Raj HVP, Maurya R, Laller S, Shukla C, Saini RS. Hypnodontics: Role of hypnosis in oral health. International Journal of Science and Technology. 2016 Sep;20(2): 188-190.
Year 2015- 1 Publication
  1. Donoghue M, Basandi PS, Adarsh H, Madhushankari GS, Selvamani M, Nayak P. Habit-associated salivary pH changes in oral submucous fibrosis-A controlled cross-sectional study. J Oral Maxillofac Pathol 2015;19:175-81.
Year 2013-1 Publication
  1. Naganahalli M, Honnappa A, Chaitanya NC. Supplemental mandibular mesiodens: a diagnostic challenge. Journal of clinical and diagnostic research 2013 Dec;7(12):3077.
  2. Choudhary S, Patil GS, Raj HP, Kabbur KJ, Baswaraj, Hemanth M. Tongue and hyoid bone posture and position influencing various malocclusions, A cephalometric study. J Dent Orofac 2013;9(2):6-10.
Year 2012-1 Publication
  1. Nayak SR, Nirmal RM, Gokul S, Adarsh H, Manjunath N. Analysis of Candidal carriage in oral submucous  fibrosis – a case control study International Journal of Dental Update 2012;2(1):10-15.