Research publications Department of General Surgery

Year 2019 – 1
  1. Prasad C, Arun K.A prospective study to assess the role of Leucocyte and Hyperbilirubinemia as a predictive factor for Appendicular perforation. New Indian Journal of Surgery.2019; 10(2):187- 193.
Year 2018 – 3
  1. Dileep Ramesh Hoysal, Anil Kumar K N, Madan M, Manoj Karthik. Role of Partial release of the inguinal Ligament in Emergency Femoral Hernia Repair. Journal International Journal of Current Advanced Research.2018;7(7B):14009-10.
  2. Dileep Ramesh Hoysal, Lokesh M N, Satish V, Srikanth Kulkarni. Conversion of laparoscopic to open Cholecystectomy: A difficult proposition to predict preoperatively. International Journal of scientific research.2018;7(9):42 -44.
  3. Santosh Nayak, Arun K. A Clinical study of complications and surgical management of peptic ulcer diseases patients in a tertiary care centre. New Indian Journal of  Surgery.2018;9(3):343-348.