Research Publications Department of Microbiology

Year 2021 – 3 Publications
  1. Mukthayakka G, Sajjan AG, Kashid RA. Single-nucleotide polymorphisms in genes associated with drug resistance of Plasmodium vivax in two regions of South India . J Nat Sc Biol Med 2021; 12:175-9.
  2. Mukthayakka G, Sajjan AG, Kashid RA. Comparative analysis of diagnostic methods used for assessing incidence of malaria in two regions from South India. J Nat Sc Biol Med 2021; 12:12-6.
  3. Shamim Rahman, Ragini Ananth Kashid. Phenotypic and genotypic detection of methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus in health care workers and its containment in a tertiary care hospital, in South India. J Pure Applied Microbiology 2021; 15(2):787-796.
Year 2020 – 1 Publications
  1. Mukthayakka G , Dr. Annapurna G Sajjan , Dr. Ragini Ananth Kashid , Dr.Mohd Shannawaz .Elevated plasma levels of TNF-alpha, INF-gamma, IL-10and TGF-beta in malaria patients, from two malaria non-endemic regions in Karnataka, India. International Journal of Medical and Biomedical Studies 2020. Volume 4, Issue 2; February: 2020; Page No. 262-267.
Year 2019 – 4 Publications
  1. Sudhamani, Vanitha S, Ragini Ananth Kashid, Thejaswini HS and Naveen M. Study of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen to Assess the Occurrence of HBV Infection in a Tertiary Care Hospital. CIBTech Journal of Microbiology ISSN: 2319-3867. 2019 Vol.8 (1) January-March, pp.1-5  
  1. Ragini Ananth Kashid, Sinju Joseph, Umer Hamdan. Antibiotic resistance pattern of uropathogens, in a tertiary care hospital in South India. CIBTech Journal of Microbiology. 2019 Vol.8 (2) April-June, 10-22. 
  1.  Ragini Ananth Kashid. Does pre-lecture Whatsapp intervention; enhance the knowledge of medical students in Clinical Microbiology? J Acad Clin Microbiol 2019; 21:74-9.
  1. P Prabina, S.Jayanthi, Krishna Murthy C. A study on Hepatitis B Viral seromarkers and associated risk factors among the patients suffering from acute and chronic hepatitis b infection. International Journal of Applied and Basic Medical Research, vol 9, issue 4, Oct 2019.
Year 2018 – 4 Publications
  1. R Shamim, Anjana Gopi. A study of bacterial and fungal isolates of Chronic Supparative Otitis Media with their antibiotic susceptibility pattern in patients attending a tertiary care hospital. Journal of Pure & Applied Microbiology. 2018;12(01)
  1. Shamim R, Ramalakshmi Sathiss. Bacterial profile and Antimicrobial susceptibility pattern in pregnant women with Urinary tract infection attending the Department of OBG in a tertiary care hospital. Journal of Pure & Applied Microbiology. 2018;12(02)
  1. Krishna murthy C, M S Srinivasan, Priyadarshini Shanmugam. “Socio demographics, clinical profile, risk factors and co morbidities of patients with psoriasis attending a tertiary care hospital”. Indian journal of Applied Research. Volume: VIII, Issue: XII, December – 2018.

Year 2017 – 0

Year 2016 – 2 Publications
  1. Ragini Ananth Kashid, Kausalya Raghuraman. Speciation and Antimicrobial susceptibility of Coagulase Negative Staphylococci, Isolated from the Anterior Nares of Health Care Workers, in a Tertiary Care Hospital in South India, with special reference to Methicillin resistance. International Journal of Contemporary Medical Research. 2016 August;3(8):2329-2333.
  1. Ramalakshmi Sathiss, Savitha Nagaraj and Manasa B.M. microbiological profile of gram negative bacilli isolated from blood culture among hospitalized patients in a tertiary care hospital (Lab based study). International Journal of Current Research. 2016 June; 8(6): 33509-33512
Year 2015– 4 Publications
  1. Harshika Y.K, Ragini Ananth Kashid, Sangeetha S. Asymptomatic bacteriuria and pyuria in antenatal women: risk factors, screening tests and microbiological profile. International Journal of  Basic and Applied Medical Sciences. 2015 May-August;5(2): 222-232.
  1. Pawan Kumar K.M, Ragini Ananth Kashid, Vanitha S and Chowda Reddy N. Human subcutaneous dirofilariasis in the palm, an unusual presentation: case report. International Journal of Basic and Applied Medical Sciences. 2015 May-August;5(2): 78-82.
  1. Dr. Kausalya R, Dr.Ragini Ananth Kashid. A nasalcarriage and antimicrobial susceptibility of Staphylococcus aureus, with special reference to methicillin resistance, in health care workers in tertiary care hospitals in South India. Scholars Academic Journal of Biosciences. 2015 August;3(8): Indexed with Index Copernicus, Google scholar.
  1. Sudhamani, Anushka Vaijnath Devnikar, Sagar Hanamant Mali, Beena Madappa Parvangada. Bacteriological spectrum and antimicrobial resistance pattern in a multidisciplinary intensive care unit. National Journal of Laboratory Medicine. 2015 Oct;4(4);28-32.
Year 2014 – 4
  1. Naveen M, Vanitha S, Chowdareddy N. Comparison of Diagnostic Efficacy of Cholinesterase Levels to Differentiate Pleural Exudates and Transudates that of Lights Criteria. Scholars Journal of Applied Medical Sciences. 2014;2(3c):1037-1040.
  1. Naveen M, Vanitha S, Chowdareddy N. Evaluation of pleural fluid to serum cholinesterase ratio for differentiating pleural transudates from exudates. International Journal of Basic and Applied Medical Sciences. 2014 January-April;4(1):190-194.
  1. Tejashree.A, Thejaswini H.S, Madhuri Kulkarni. A Serological Study of Dengue and Hanta Virus in Acute Febrile Patients in a Tertiary Care Hospital. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Science Invention. 2014 July;3(7):22-25.
  1. Tejashree.A, G.S.Vijay Kumar, MadhuriKulkarni, Thejaswini H.S. Concomitant pulmonary nocardiosis and candidiasis in a patient on steroids – A case report. International Journal of Research in Health Sciences. 2014 January – March;2(1):353-355.
Year 2013 – 1 Publication
  1. Dr. Kausalya R, Dr.Ragini Ananth Kashid, Dr. D.G.Suresh, Dr.Latha V. Study of Transfusion transmitted infections among blood donors in a tertiary care hospital; Hepatitis B surface antigen, HCV antibodies, HIV 1&2 antibodies. Journal of Medical Sciences. 2013 April;1(1):29-31. 
Year 2012 – 2 Publications
  1. Ragini Ananth Kashid, Sandhya Belawadi, Gayatri Devi, Indumati. Speciation and antifungal susceptibility of non-candida albicans isolated from blood cultures of neonates, Journal of Indian Clinical Sciences. 2012 October.
  1. S Vanitha, A.R.Hanumanthappa. Seroprevalence of HIV, HBV and Syphilis in Pregnant Women.  Journal of Pure and Applied Microbiology. 2012 June;6(2):941-944.
Year 2011 – 1 Publication
  1. Dr.Ragini Ananth Kashid, Dr.SandhyaBelawadi, Dr.Gayatri Devi, Dr.Indumati. Characterisation and antifungal susceptibility testing for Candida species in a tertiary care hospital. Journal of Health Sciences and Research. 2011 April;2(2).
Year 2010 – 1 Publication
  1. Ragini Ananth Kashid, Gayatri Devi, Indumati, SandhyaBelawadi. Septic Arthritis in an infant by Candida tropicalis. The Journal of the Academy of Clinical Microbiologists. 2010 December;12:79-81.
Year 2007 – 2 Publications
  1. Vijaya D., Ramalakshmi S, Jyothi S Kabbin, Geetha S.H., Sumathi S. Prevalance and antibiotic susceptibility pattern of MRSA at Bowring & L.C. Hospital Bangalore. The Antiseptic. 2007 March;104(3):153-154.
  1. Vijaya D., Sumathi S., Jyothi S Kabbin, Geetha S.H., Ramalakshmi S. Antibiotic susceptibility pattern of Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from various clinical specimens. The Antiseptic. 2007June;104(6):312-313.
Year 2005 – 1 Publications
  1. Vijaya D, Kabbin JS, Geetha S H, Sumathi S, Ramalakshmi S. Modified WIDAL test in the diagnosis of typhoid fever. The Journal of the Academy of Clinical Microbiologists. 2005;7(1):17-18