Research Publications Department of Ophthalmology

1.Current year (2020) – 1 Publication
  1. Sonal R.Gaonkar, Nalini Y C, Nibedita Acharya, Anjusha B . ABO Blood Group Distribution and its Association with Myopia among First Year Medical Students in Bangalore –A Cross Sectional Study. International Journal of contemporary medical research 2020MAY;7(5): E1-E3.
Year 2019 – 4 Publications
  1. Nibedita Acharya, Sonal G ,The role of B-Scan  ultrasonography in eyes with suspected vitreous haemorrhage.  Journal of medical science and clinical research 2019JULY; 7(7):1-6.
  2. Nibedita Acharya, Usha V. Orbital and Ocular Complications of External Beam Radiation Therapy (EBRT) for Retinoblastoma (RB).  Journal of medical science and clinical research2019JUNE;7(6):487-490
  3. Dr Mahesh S G , Dr Manjula Y M. Study of orbital fractures and ocular complications in road traffic accidents in two wheeler drivers Journal of medical science and clinical research  2019NOV;7(11):669-675.
  4. Manjula Y. M., Chethana B.S.Study of clinical outcome of laser peripheral iridotomy in patient with spectrum of primary angle closure.  Journal of medical science and clinical research” 2019 AUG  ;7(8)743-747.
3.  Year 2018 – 2 Publications
  1. NibeditaAcharya, Usha V. Evaluation of  histo-pathological risk factors in enucleated retinoblastoma eyes. J. Evolution Med. Dent. Science 2018JAN; 7(01):9-11.
  2. Manjula YM   Study of clinical outcome of Tenzel flap in upper eyelid reconstruction. J. Evolution Med. Dent. Science 2018JAN; 7(3):6808-6811.
Year 2017 – 1 Publication
  1. Suma C, Manjula Y M. A Study of no suture, no glue conjunctival auto graft surgery for Pterygium.J. Evoluation, Med Dent. Sci. 2017; 6(8):644-646.
     Year 2016- 3
  1. NibeditaAcharya., Raghavendra R, Reji KT.Clinical profile of ocular surface squamous neoplasia : a retrospective case series. J. Evolution Med. Dent. Science 2016MAR; 5(21):1100-1103.
  2. R. BinduMadhavi, H.N. Soumya, D.RaviPrakash, Role of topical postoperative mitomycin in ocular surface squamous neoplasia: A Case report. J.Evid. Based Med. Heathc. Mar 2016; 3(26):1205-1206.
  3. R. BinduMadhavi, H.N.Soumya . A case of  self induced acute hydrops in a patient with impulse control disorder associated with compulsive eye trauma: A case report. J.Evid. Based Med healthc. 2016; 3(26):1207-1208.
Year 2015- 2 Publications
  1. Suneetha N, Mary J, Sangeetha S, NibeditaAcharya., Yamini  P, Usha  V, Reliability of an Essay Question –Effect of using an Answer Key. Journal of Research in Medical Education & Ethics 2015;5(2):134-137
  2. Manjula. Y. M, Suma C, “Study of Incidence of Angle Recession in Close Globe Injury and Risk Factors for Development of Traumatic Glaucoma.Journal of Evaluation of Medical and Dental Sciences 2015NOV; 4(89):15410-15413.
Year 2014-2 Publications
  1. Nibedita Acharya, Manjoo S.R ,Caroline T.P, Deepti P. Cranio-Orbital –temporal neurofibromatosis: An uncommon subtype of neurofibromatosis type-1. Oman Journal of Ophthalmology 2014;7(1):43-45
  1. Manjula. Y. M, Suma C, a rare case report of dirofilaria in subconjunctival space .Journal of Evoluation of Medical and Dental Science 2014NOV;3(62):13784-13786.