Research Publications Department of Physiology

Year 2022 –  1 Publication
  1. Kiran BS, Ranganath MD. Auditory brainstem response in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients. Natl J Physiol Pharm Pharmacol 2022;12(03):363-367.
Year 2021 –  2 Publications
  1. Anjusha I.B, Roopashree N, Nalini Y.C, Sonal Gaonkar. A Study on Perceived Stress Among Health Care Workers in a Medical College Hospital, Karnataka, India, During Covid-1 Pandemic. Int J Dental Med Sci Res 2021; 3(2): 462-68.
  2. Vinay Kiran BS, Ranganath MD,Nagaraj MS. Audiometric evaluation of type 2 diabetes mellitus patients according to their metabolic control. Natl J PhysiolPharm Pharmacol 2021;11(03):292-300
Year 2020 –  3 Publications
  1. Sonal R. Gaonkar, Nalini Y C, Nibedita Acharya, Anjusha IB.ABO Blood Group Distribution and its Association with Myopiaamongfirst Year Medical Students in Bangalore – A Cross Sectional Study.International Journal of Contemporary Medical Research .2020: Section: Physiology: 7(5): E 1 -E 3.
  1. Dr. VivekChail, Dr. Abhijit N, Dr. RajanBalasubramanyam, Dr. Roohi Singh and Dr. Riyanka Chail. Spectrum of MRI imaging features in perianal discharge. International Journal of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging 2020;
    3(1): 84-92.
  2. VivekChail, Abhijit N, RajanBalasubramanyam, Roohi Singh, Riyanka Chail. MR Evaluation in non Traumatic Chronic Wrist Pain.International Journal of Contemporary Medicine Surgery and Radiology. January-March 2020;5 (1) :79-84.
Year 2019 – 3 Publications
  1. Tejaswi C N , KanaviRoopaShekharappa ,Lakshmikanth B M, Smileevivian,Venktesh G. A study on clinical spectrum of scorpion sting in a teaching hospital in Bengaluru region. Indian journal of emergency Medicine. Volume 5 Number 3, July –September 2019
  1. Nibedita Acharya, SonalGaonkar. The role of B –scan ultrasonography in eyes with suspected vitreous hemorrhage. JMSCR 2019;7(7):1
  2. Chail R,Anjusha IB. Effect of short-term practice of pranayama on the autonomic functions in 1st-year MBBS students. Natl J Physiol Pharm Pharmacol 2019;9(2):150-154.
Year 2018 – 2 Publications
  1. KanaviRoopaShekharappa ,Tejaswi C N, Smileejohncys,Venktesh G. A Study on the prevalence of depression in Diabetes Patients and the Determinants of depression among patients with diabetes –Related symptoms and complications . International Journal Of Physiology, July –September 2018,Vol.6, No.3
  2. Anjusha I B, Chail R. A study on change in ejection fraction during simulated diving in humans. Natl J Physiol Pharm Pharmacol 2018;8(9):1340-1343.
Year 2017 – 1 Publication
  1. Roopashree, Medha J, Gopi k, Jaisri G. Effectiveness of Flipped Class Room as A Teaching Tool: A Pilot Study. Natl J Integr Res Med 2017;8(4):78-84
Year 2016 – 5 Publications
  1. KanaviRoopaShekharappa, SmileeJohney S, Vedawathi K J. Impact of obesity on peak expiratory flow rate in different age groups. Indian journal of clinical Anatomy and Physiology. July –September 2016,3(3);343-346.
  2. Tejaswi C N , KanaviRoopaShekharappa .A study on epidemiology, causes and prognosis of acute renal failure in Indian population .journal of evolution medical and dental sciences
  3. Tejaswi C N ,KanaviRoopaShekharappa .study of clinical manifestations of dengue cases in a tertiary care hospital ,Bangalore,Karnataka. International journal of medical science and public health .2016;vol 5,issue 12.
  4. Tejaswi C N ,KanaviRoopaShekharappa . Study of 25 hyroxy vitamin D levels in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients. International journal of medical and health sciences.2016; vol-5 issue-3
  5. RiyankaChail, AshaShekar, Madhusudhan C N. A comparative study of intraocular pressure in normal subjects and patients with type 2 diabetes with and without diabetic retinopathy. International Journal of
Year 2015 – 2 Publications
  1. S Gaonkar, Nalini Y C, Abhishekh, SavithaPatil. Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Blood Donation among Medical Students in Bangalore Karnataka. International Journal of Physiology 2015; 3(2): 5-9.
  1. Anjusha I B, Praseeda S, Rao Subba. Assessment of Cardiac Functions during Immersion of Face in Water in Humans. International Journal of Physiology 2015;3(2):82-86.
Year 2014 – 1 Publication
  1. Roopashree N. Insulin sensitivity and skeletal muscle function in adult men with type II diabetes mellitus. Int J Health Allied Sci 2014; 3:40-3.
Year 2013 – 2 Publications
  1. Vedavathi KJ, KanaviRoopaShekharappa, Venkatesh G. Reaction time study as a tool to identify Central Nervous System affect due to hypothyroidism. International Journal of health Sciences and Research 2013, Vol.3(5):29-32.
  1. Vedavathi KJ ,Venkatesh G, KanaviRoopaShekharappa. Study of reaction time & glycated (HbA1c) in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients. Research journal of pharmaceutical, Biological and chemical sciences.